Flashbaku: An Azerbaijan-tastic, bumper Baku quiz!

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t think us grown-ups get enough opportunities to do childish things, unless we happen to work in a daycare centre (which would be fine by me if there was no kids involved). So for all of you who, like me, spend too much time wishing it was socially acceptable for a twenty-something to finger paint, hula hoop and watch movies starring Hilary Duff, I’ve put together this thought-provoking, Baku-themed quiz…complete with FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS GAMES *insert squeals here*!

This isn’t the first quiz I’ve posted, but I’d like to think this is the hardest (even if it really isn’t). It’s more a test of your memory than anything else, so if you’ve watched the contest a few times over the past year and/or read my Flashbaku recap last week, you should do alright. Not that it matters if you don’t, since there’s nothing up for grabs and nobody will be there to see you succeed or fail. Winning.

So, the only “rules” are:

– All facts have been checked to the best of my ability, and all lyrics have been verified via the official 2012 fan book. If you do spot a mistake, feel free to pick me up on it, but be nice, because it’s nice to be nice to the nice.

– You can find the answers at the bottom of the post. If you decide to cheat, fine, but be warned: Dana International WILL hunt you down and make you walk up the main street of your town wearing her feathered Gaultier.

– Let me know how you did in the comments. I managed to get 100%, but I’m guessing being the person who came up with the Qs and As had something to do with that.

Without further ado, I want to know…




Random trivia

a) Macedonia’s Kaliopi failed to pass the pre-qualifying round of a previous ESC with her song Samo Ti. In which year did this take place?

b) What is the real name of Max Jason Mai from Slovakia?

c) What about Donny Montell from Lithuania?

d) Željko Joksimović took to the ESC stage for the second time as composer/artist in Baku. He represented Serbia; but how many other countries has Željko composed a Eurovision song for?

e) Eventual winner Loreen had attempted to represent Sweden in 2011 via Melodifestivalen. What was her entry called?

f) How old was Rona Nishliu when she stepped onstage last year – 25, 28 or 32?

g) Which TV talent show did Ott Lepland win in his home country in 2009?

h) Which member of Pernilla Karlsson’s family wrote her entry När Jag Blundar?

i) What did Buranovskiye Babushki want to do with any proceeds from entering Eurovision?

j) Elena Ionescu fronted Mandinga in Baku. Which past Romanian representative used to be the lead vocalist of the group?

k) Which 2012 artist was once a member of the Sunstroke Project, who represented Moldova in Oslo?

l) Jedward are not known for their conservative clothing. Which snack food did they dress up as during rehearsal week?

m) Who did Roman Lob beat in the Unser Star Für Baku final to win his ticket to Eurovision?

n) Which artist purposely performed without an earpiece during her semi-final?


Unscramble these artist names:











Fill in the blanks of these titles:

a) N_ _ _   _ _ u _ _ _   _ t _ _ r

b)  _ h _ _ _ d’_ _   _ _ _ _ _   B_ _ _e_

c)  _ _ h_ (_ _ _   _ n _   _)

d) E_ r _   _ _ _ r_

e) _ _h_ _ _ i_i_ _

f)  _ _ _ la


What is the first line of lyrics in each of these songs?

a) Beautiful Song by Anmary

b) The Social Network Song by Valentina Monetta

c) You And Me by Joan Franka

d) Euphoria by Loreen

e) L’amore é Femmina by Nina Zilli  

f) When The Music Dies by Sabina Babayeva 

g) Would You? by Iris


And which songs do these first lines belong to?

a) ‘You can do anything you want’

b) ‘The whole big world is just one place’

c) ‘I hear music as I walk down the street’

d) ‘When the day becomes the night, you know that I’ll think of you’

e) ‘So graceful and pure, a smile bathed in light’

f) ‘When the night is falling from the sky’

g) ‘She’s singing softly in the night’

h) ‘At the wedding tonight she looks nicer than the bride’


What do these titles translate to in English?

a) Suus

b) Korake Ti Znam

c) Kuula

d) Quédate Conmigo

e) Crno I Belo

f) Vida Minha

g) Verjamem



Random trivia

a) What are the full names of the three hosts?

b) Name the previous contest winners who supplied the interval act of semi 2 – in order of appearance.

c) Which country was the last to be announced as a qualifier in semi 1?

d) What about semi 2?

e) Which former Eurovision hostess could be seen in the green room on Thursday and Saturday nights, providing moral support for her husband?

f) How many lots of douze points did Loreen receive in the final?


Which countries did these props belong to?

a) A bench made of books

b) A laptop computer

c) Pole-dance poles

d) A water fountain

e) A pizza oven


Which country…

a) Opened the first semi final?

b) Closed the first semi final?

c) Opened the second semi final?

d) Closed the second semi final?

e) Opened the final?

f) Closed the final?

g) Won the first semi final?

h) Lost the first semi final?

i) Won the second semi final?

j) Lost the second semi final?

k) Drew the dreaded slot 2 in the final?


You know who won (and lost) but do you remember, on the final scoreboard, which country came…

a) 4th?

b) 6th?

c) 11th?

d) 16th?

e) 22nd?

f) 24th?



Congratulations (as Cliff Richard would say if he wasn’t currently in the toilet)! You’ve made it to le end of le quiz. Now it’s time to see how you did.

Answer alert!


The Artists

Random trivia: a) 1996 b) Miroslav Šmajda c) Donatas Montvydas d) 2, technically – Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia & Montenegro e) My Heart Is Refusing Me f) 25 g) Eesti Otsib Superstaari, or Estonian Idol h) Her brother i) Build a church in their village j) Elena Gheorghe k) Pasha Parfeny l) Popcorn m) Ornella de Santis n) Sofi Marinova

Unscramble: a) Trackshittaz b) Anri Jokhadze c) Sinplus d) Compact Disco e) Anmary f) Pasha Parfeny g) Can Bonomo h) Gaitana

The Songs

Fill in the blanks: a) Nije Ljubav Stvar b) Should’ve Known Better c) Echo (You and I) d) Euro Neuro e) Aphrodisiac f) Kuula

First lines: a) ‘I was born in distant 1980’ b) ‘Are you ready for a little chat?’ c) ‘I was five, you were three, we were dancing in the street’ d) ‘Why, why can’t this moment last forever more?’ e) ‘Unbelievable, I can’t wait to go’ f) ‘You, you are my best friend’ g) ‘Come and find me, I’ve been hiding from you’

First line, which song: a) Unbreakable b) Sound of Our Hearts c) Stay d) Love Is Blind e) Love Will Set You Free f) We Are The Heroes g) Never Forget h) Laŭtar

Title translations: a) Personal b) I know your steps c) Listen d) Stay with me e) Black and white f) Life of mine g) I believe

The Shows and The Results

Random trivia: a) Leila Aliyeva, Nargiz Birk-Petersen and Eldar Gasimov b) Dima Bilan, Marija Šerifović, Alexander Rybak, Lena, Ell & Nikki c) Ireland d) Turkey e) Jovana Janković f) 18

Props: a) Cyprus b) San Marino c) Austria d) Ireland e) Russia

Which country: a) Montenegro b) Ireland c) Serbia d) Lithuania e) United Kingdom f) Moldova g) Russia h) Austria i) Sweden j) Slovakia k) Hungary

Final scoreboard: a) Azerbaijan b) Estonia  c) Moldova d) Cyprus e) France f) Hungary


So, ladies and gents…how well DID you remember Baku??


4 Responses to “Flashbaku: An Azerbaijan-tastic, bumper Baku quiz!”

  1. nprovenghi271

    I promise I did this without looking, hence the blanks.

    The Artists
    a) 1996 (my birth year!)
    b) Miroslav Šmajda
    c) Donatas Mytudas
    d) One (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
    e) “My Heart Is Refusing Me”
    f) 25
    g) Estonian Idol
    h) Her brother, Jonas
    i) Rebuild a church in their village that Stalin destroyed.
    j) Elena Gheorgi (Romania 2009)
    k) I honestly don’t know. It sounds familiar though…
    l) Either bubblegum or popcorn.
    m) Ornella de Santis (who, even though Roman was my #11, should’ve gone with “Quietly.”)
    n) Again I don’t know, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say Elena Ionescu from Romania.

    Unscramble these artist names:
    a) Trackshittaz (the “z” really helped) of Austria
    b) Anri Jokhadze of Georgia
    c) Sinplus of Switzerland
    d) Compact Disco of Hungary
    e) Anmary of Latvia
    f) Pasha Parfeny of Moldova (two years running… sort of)
    g) Can Bonomo of Turkey
    h) Gaitana of Ukraine (this one was the hardest)
    The Songs
    Fill in the blanks of these titles:
    a) “Nije Ljubav Stvar” (Serbia)
    b) ”Should’ve Known Better” (Denmark)
    c) “Echo (You and I)” (France)
    d) “Euro Neuro” (Montenegro)
    e) “Aphrodisiac” (Greece)
    f) “Kuula”(Estonia)
    What is the first line of lyrics in each of these songs?
    a) “I was born in a distant 1980, the year that Irish Johnny Logan won.”
    b) “Are you ready for a little chat, in a song about the internet?”
    c) “I was five, you were three. We were dancing in the street, and you looked like an angel.” (I could go on and on with this one.)
    d) “Why, why can’t this moment last forever more?” (I know all of this one, too.)
    e) “Unbelievable, I can’t wait to go, but like a rolling stone, you hit me –BOOM, BOOM, BOOM-”
    f) “You, you were my best friend, you were my everything, so don’t leave me now.”
    g) I can’t remember. And I actually liked this one! *crycrycry*

    And which songs do these first lines belong to?
    a) “Unbreakable” (Switzerland)
    b) “Sound of our Hearts” (Hungary)
    c) “Stay” (Norway)
    d) I don’t know. At all.
    e) “Love Will Set You Free” (UK)
    f) This sounds so familiar!!!
    g) I don’t know! 😦
    h) Finally! “Lăutar” (Moldova)

    What do these titles translate to in English?
    a) “Personal” (Albania) from Latin
    b) “I Know Your Steps” (Bosnia & Herzegovina) from Bosnian
    c) “Listen” (Estonia) from Estonian
    d) “Stay With Me” (Spain) from Spanish
    e) “Black and White” (Macedonia) from Macedonian
    f) “Life of Mine” (Portugal) from Portuguese
    g) “I Believe” (Slovenia) from Slovene

    The Shows and Results
    Random Trivia
    a) Eldar Gasimov, Leyla Aliyeva, Nargiz Birk-Petersen
    b) Dima Bilan (2008), Marija Šerifović (2007), Alexander Rybak (2009), Lena (2010), Ell & Nikki (2011)
    c) Ireland
    d) Turkey
    e) Jovana Joksimović (née Janković)
    f) 18
    Which countries did these props belong to?
    a) Cyprus
    b) San Marino
    c) Austria
    d) Ireland
    e) Russia
    Which country…
    a) Montenegro
    b) Ireland
    c) Serbia
    d) Lithuania
    e) United Kingdom
    f) Moldova
    g) Russia
    h) Austria (as well as the whole kit and caboodle)
    i) Sweden, obviously
    j) Slovakia
    k) Hungary
    You know who won (and lost) but do you remember, on the final scoreboard, which country came…
    a) Azerbaijan
    b) Estonia
    c) Macedonia
    d) Cyprus/Ukraine (I think they tied and I can’t remember who won the tie-break, though I’m leaning Cyprus on 16)
    e) Denmark? (very unsure about this answer and very agitated about their finish)
    f) …Hungary, I guess.

    Enjoy the tallest comment ever! 😉


    • nprovenghi271

      I’m so annoyed about forgetting Belgium’s opening line! 😦 Also picking out Belarus from the “first line” questions. Also, I had France on place 22 at first, but changed it at the last minute! Anyway, it was fun to reminisce, and that’s all that matters. 🙂


      • Jaz

        I’m not surprised someone forgot Belgium’s opening line. Belgium 2012 was generally forgettable in my opinion! Poor Iris =(


    • Jaz

      Well, to me this is proof that my next quiz needs to be EVEN HARDER. I shall begin the planning process immediately. Mwahahaha, mwahahaha, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



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