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Time-Warp Tuesday: Portugal, Actually

Contest: 41st – Oslo, Norway

Song: O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor

Artist: Lúcia Moniz 

Representing: Portugal

Result: 6th

Let’s get one thing over with – yes, this is the woman from Love Actually. But she isn’t an actress-turned singer. She’s a singer who can act! And a singer who can sing. Or something.

Oh GOD Jaz, just get on with it!

This is a woman who brought to the stage one of my favourite Portugese entries. I love their language, and this song really shows it off. It’s also an interesting song that changes things up for the whole three minutes, which stops it from reminding me of A Luta E Alegria (the most repetitive song of Eurovision 2011…and possibly of the contest’s entire history). In fact, maybe this is what A Luta E Alegria would have looked like if Homens da Luta were wearing costumes not thrifted from the basement of a fusty charity store, and had left their placards at home.


Time-Warp Tuesday: I(celand) should be so lucky…

Contest: 44th – Jerusalem, Israel

Song: All Out of Luck

Artist: Selma

Representing: Iceland

I don’t have a lot to say about this song thanks to the cold-induced brain fog I’m currently experiencing.But just for you I’ll force out a few: for example, ‘Iceland’, and ‘robbed’…’wonderfully’ and ‘nineties’…and ‘backing dancers’, ‘overcoats’, ‘WTF?’. Get the picture??




Time-Warp Tuesday: Junior Eurovision, 1980s style


Contest: 34th, 1989 – Lausanne,Switzerland

Song: Derekh Hamelekh

Artist: Gili and Galit


Result: 12th, 50 points

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if Justin Beiber was born in Israel in the late 70s and sang a duet with his older sister (whether he has an older sister in reality, I don’t know. But as he wasn’t born in the 70s in Israel, for the purposes of this it is extremely irrelevant), wonder no more! I’d rather hear 12-year-old Gili sing anytime over Beiber however, despite the fact that his voice is so high I have to play the song in a room with no glass for fear of it shattering. 1989 was a stellar edition of the ESC – though not fashion-wise, as the abundance of neck-high waists and voluminous crotches is testament to – and for me, this is one of the reasons why.