Time-Warp Tuesday: Junior Eurovision, 1980s style


Contest: 34th, 1989 – Lausanne,Switzerland

Song: Derekh Hamelekh

Artist: Gili and Galit


Result: 12th, 50 points

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if Justin Beiber was born in Israel in the late 70s and sang a duet with his older sister (whether he has an older sister in reality, I don’t know. But as he wasn’t born in the 70s in Israel, for the purposes of this it is extremely irrelevant), wonder no more! I’d rather hear 12-year-old Gili sing anytime over Beiber however, despite the fact that his voice is so high I have to play the song in a room with no glass for fear of it shattering. 1989 was a stellar edition of the ESC – though not fashion-wise, as the abundance of neck-high waists and voluminous crotches is testament to – and for me, this is one of the reasons why.


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