Hello again!
I actually really like “Take Me As I Am”–it’s stubborn yet vulnerable in how Tornike wants to show himself to the world. The soundscape reminds me of “Gunning Down Romance” by Savage Garden in its use of electronic elements. While I understand the lyrics, it’s a bit clunky, so that’s what I would improve on with his next entry. (8th place overall)

As for how Superg!rl may revive the Greek golden age…maybe? If the staging is good enough, then it could hook in voters to voting for it. Realistically, I could imagine a mid-table finish in the final, between 13th and 16th. I appreciate it, though it’s a step down from Oniro Mou and Better Love songwise.

Think About Things is really cute and I love how Dadi sings the lyrics to his daughter. Like you, I don’t have it in my top ten (around the same place you have it, honestly), because I like the other songs more. Also, while I don’t think it would’ve had the same impact, I really love Oculis Videre and it would’ve been one of my favorites.