Time-Warp Tuesday: I(celand) should be so lucky…

Contest: 44th – Jerusalem, Israel

Song: All Out of Luck

Artist: Selma

Representing: Iceland

I don’t have a lot to say about this song thanks to the cold-induced brain fog I’m currently experiencing.But just for you I’ll force out a few: for example, ‘Iceland’, and ‘robbed’…’wonderfully’ and ‘nineties’…and ‘backing dancers’, ‘overcoats’, ‘WTF?’. Get the picture??




About Jaz

I'm Jaz, I'm 27, and I'm 110% Eurovision OBSESSED. The contest is one big party and I like to keep it going 365 days a year - that's why I write about anything and everything ESC on my blog. Come join the fun, and I promise you'll never have a nul-point experience! www.eurovisionbyjaz.com/

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