Retrospective reviews: C to F

In beginning this second instalment I just want to apologise for the lack of character accents in names. I know (and you will see later) that without the accent, “Algo Pequen-YI-to” reads “Algo Pequen-EE-to” but my MS Word has been very uncooperative since my laptop had a virus and now refuses to perform these functions. Therefore I’m not being ignorant! Anyway, please enjoy part two.

CYPRUS – Life Looks Better In Spring – Jon Lilygreen & the Islanders

Gimmick: AWOL; Reminds me of: Three Doors Down’s Here Without You.

Pros: Guitar. Voice. Lyrics. Melody. Jon. The Islanders; Cons: I don’t think a gimmick (a classy one, of course) would have gone astray in getting them to the top 10 (where they SHOULD HAVE BEEN!), especially in the draw they got for the final.

I give the vocalists: 10; I give the song: 10; I give the staging: 7.5; Average score: 9.2

Points from me based on song: 12

Actual placing: =21st

CROATIA – Lako Je Sve – Feminnem

Gimmick: Bare feet and a big red heart; Reminds me of: Nothing, really.

Pros: Builds up to a great climax – has real light and shade. This song is one of my top five for sure – I just love everything about it, and I think it would have been ruined if they’d translated it into English. I was devastated when it missed out on a spot in the final (as you will no doubt be aware of if you read this blog =D); Cons: The vocals weren’t top-notch, except from Nika, the newbie. I know they can all sing….maybe it was nerves? I don’t know. I also don’t think the lack of shoes suited the package of genre/performance.

I give the vocalists: 7.5; I give the song: 10; I give the staging: 8; Average score: 8.5

Points from me based on song: 12

 Actual placing: 32nd

DENMARK – In A Moment Like This – Chaneé & N’evergreen

Gimmick: Silhouettes; Reminds me of: Oh, that beginning! Every breath you take…

Pros: These two are great live, though apparently they weren’t in rehearsals – but I didn’t see it, so as far as I’m concerned it didn’t happen! They have good chemistry and good looks on their side. Some people have complained about the “wanna know wanna know wanna know” bit, but I love it. Very catchy; Cons: The lyrics are rather clichéd in the verses. The first time I heard it, I knew what they would say next before they said it. Surely there’s some other word you can rhyme with ‘you’ that isn’t ‘blue’? Also, Chaneé’s bangs are wonderful and settle right back into place even after a full-strength wind machine has been blasting them. Therefore I hate her. If you had my hair, Christina, you’d understand.

I give the vocalists: 10; I give the song: 8.5; I give the staging: 9; Average score: 9.2

Points from me based on song: 10

Actual placing: 4th

ESTONIA – Siren – Malcolm Lincoln

Gimmick: That thing Robin does with the camera. You know!; Reminds me of: Anything indie and Australian, to be honest.

Pros: It’s different to your usual cookie-cutter schlager pop. I actually really like it, partly for that reason. I think the chorus has sing-along power, and I like the changing rhythms. Vocalist Robin is endearing, if a little similar to Austin Powers in costume; Cons: It was never going to make it out of the semi finals. It just isn’t a Eurovision song, a song that uses everything in three minutes to pull in the voters. That isn’t a bad thing…but I wonder if Estonia thought they had a chance. In my opinion, this is an album song. And you know what? I’d buy that album. Cruisy!

I give the vocalist: 10; I give the song: 7.5; I give the staging: 5; Average score: 7.5

Points from me based on song: 7. Or 8. I can’t decide!

Actual placing: 30th

FINLAND – Työlki Elää – Kuunkuiskaajat

Gimmick: Nothing specific. Is extreme folk a gimmick?; Reminds me of: Todomondo’s Liubi Liubi I Love You. It’s the changing rhythms or something.

Pros: This song is so sweet and catchy that I would feel guilty saying anything bad about it. I like the way it begins almost a capella and then launches into that accelerating chorus – the first hook that got stuck in my head this year; Cons: I’m about to feel guilty. Folk isn’t my preferred musical genre and whilst I do love this I have to say that it doesn’t have a je ne sais quoi (yo Iceland!) that elevates it from a nice song to a great potential winner. This may not be due to the genre but honestly, have you ever seen a climactic folk tune? I haven’t.

I give the vocalists: 9; I give the song: 8; I give the staging: 7; Average score: 8

Points from me based on song: 8

Actual placing: 27th

FRANCE – Allez Ola Olé! – Jessy Matador

Gimmick: Tie-in with the World Cup; Reminds me of: Ricky Martin’s The Cup of Life. Gee, I wonder why?

Pros: It is brilliant. I love this song! It’s catchy and fast and it makes me feel happy no matter how down in the dumps I happen to be. And it is the ultimate zumba song, be that at an actual class or in my (er, your) lounge room. I adore those “badabadabumbadumbadumba’s”!; Cons: I’m guessing it didn’t take a great amount of time for the lyrics to take shape. But who cares? It’s not a message song, for ABBA’s sake!

I give the vocalist: 10; I give the song: 10; I give the staging: 6; Average score: 8.7

Points from me based on song: 12

Actual placing: 12th

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