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Eurovision Challenge: Day 3

Winner of the first contest you watched

There must be loads of people out there embarrassed to admit that they watch Eurovision. As for me – well, I must say I’m embarrassed too. But not because I’m a tad obsessed with the contest, but because I…well…okay.

I’ve only been watching since 2006!

I can’t remember what I spent my time on before then – it feels like I’ve been waiting on May forever. I found the ESC by accident, having lived for fifteen years in a house, in Australia, with a family who may or may not have heard of it but didn’t see fit to ever mention it, whatever the case. But once I stumbled on Lordi that particular May evening, having always been attracted to any international competition that wasn’t sport related (yes, even Miss Universe!), I was sold. It was true love, and we have been together for five blissful years now. Perhaps we’ll renew our vows in another five? Or perhaps I’ll stop referring to Eurovision as my husband. Anyway, I think my blog is a testament to my comparatively brief, but nonetheless manic (er, I meant,dedicated) following. Now, enjoy Hard Rock Hallelujah.


Eurovision Challenge: Day 2

Least favourite winner

Almost there:

De Troubadour by Lenny Kuhr (Netherlands 1969)

All Kinds of Everything by Dana (Ireland 1970)

Why Me by Linda Martin (Ireland 1992)

But my worst is:

I Wanna by Marie N (Latvia 2002)

Let me tell you something, Marie – I don’t wanna! It’s not just the fact that there were so many better songs in 02 that should have beaten this. Just as a standalone song….oh my god! Nearly a decade on and I’m still in disbelief. Very, very, grudging props for the suit-to-dress thing though.

There’s no challenge like a Eurovision challenge!

I like to think of myself as an original blogger, but sometimes I stumble across an idea that’s too good not to borrow (take, steal, whatever word in your thesaurus you prefer). Right here, right now, it’s a 20 Day Song Challenge – Eurovision-style! You may have taken part in a song challenge on Facebook before, which is where this one came from. However I found it, upsized, on a fantabulous fan blog – – and immediately thought to myself, O TO THE M TO THE G, I MUST DO IT! So here we are.

This is the deal, for the uninitiated: every day for 20 days, you post a Youtube video on Facebook according to that day’s request, tagging the page from whence you received said request. Now, Sternenstaub has taken it large, picking runners up as well as winners and choosing to post on her blog rather than the old FB, and as a person who has many friends that do not know what Eurovision is/would not like it if they did, and as a person who does not wish to annoy those friends by clogging up their newsfeed with Eurovision stuff, I rate it as a concept! And isn’t the fun of it seeing how opinions differ?

My opinions start tomorrow, with Day 1: My favourite winner. Here’s the full 20 day list:

Day 1: Favourite winner

Day 2: Least favourite winner

Day 3: Winner of the first Eurovision you watched

Day 4: A fact hardly anyone knows

Day 5: Favourite song from a solo singer

Day 6: Favourite song from a group/band

Day 7: favourite song from a national final, which should have gone to Eurovision

Day 8: Semi finalist that should have made the final

Day 9: The most memorable performance

Day 10: The tackiest performance

Day 11: Artist/band you now love because of Eurovision

Day 12: A song that should have won

Day 13: A song that finished last

Day 14: The sexiest performance

Day 15: The best costume

Day 16: The song that never fails to make you dance

Day 17: A song from your birth year

Day 18: Worst ever entry

Day 19: Funniest moment

Day 20: Who should have won this year (formerly known as ‘who will win this year’)?

I’m so excited and I literally just can’t hide it (count yourself lucky that you’re far, far away in front of a computer screen), to embark on this quest as a knight in shining sequined hotpants, and I hope you tune in over the next…well, you know the amount of days. And PLEASE comment me your picks!

A final note that’s kind of relevant: don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or like the EBJ page on Facebook (links are in the header/sidebar) to keep updated on the Challenge. You can also subscribe to my blog right down there at the bottom for email alerts, or friend me on…just for general chitchat! Search for JazzMan.

Wish me luck…there’s quite a few songs to sift through!