Eurovision Challenge: Day 2

Least favourite winner

Almost there:

De Troubadour by Lenny Kuhr (Netherlands 1969)

All Kinds of Everything by Dana (Ireland 1970)

Why Me by Linda Martin (Ireland 1992)

But my worst is:

I Wanna by Marie N (Latvia 2002)

Let me tell you something, Marie – I don’t wanna! It’s not just the fact that there were so many better songs in 02 that should have beaten this. Just as a standalone song….oh my god! Nearly a decade on and I’m still in disbelief. Very, very, grudging props for the suit-to-dress thing though.

2 Responses to “Eurovision Challenge: Day 2”

  1. Annika

    Completely agree! (Not that I remember De troubadour, I possibly heard it already, but I already forgot how it sounds like :P) I liked Marie’s dancers, but the song was a disaster!


    • Jaz

      If you want your ears to continue functioning, don’t listen to De Troubadour!!! JK JK. I’m yet to find anyone who actually thinks I Wanna deserved to win.



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