MELFEST MONDAY | Good golly, Miss Molly!

Where + when Stockholm, 2012

What Why Am I Crying?, written by Molly Sandén, Aleena Gibson and Wendy Wagner, and performed by Molly Sandén



Molly ‘Perfection and a Person I Want To Switch Lives With’ Sandén (as I refer to her on a regular basis) has been welcomed back into the open arms of Melodifestivalen for 2016 (hug it out, M & M) and no doubt she’s hoping it’ll be third time lucky for her, as it was for Måns Zelmerlöw last March. MZW had his second shot at representing Sweden in 2009 – the same year Molly made her first appearance with Så Vill Stjärnorna, just three years after flying the blue-and-yellow flag at Junior Eurovision in Bucharest. Back then, a still-blonde, sixteen-yearold Molly qualified direkt til Globen with her Sanna Nielsen-esque ballad, but finished dead last in the final, far behind MZW and EMD (her future man candy Danny Saucedo being the ‘D’).

She had some seriously tough competition that night, and stepping over them all in order to take the trophy home was never going to be an easy task. It seems she needed some more time to develop into an adult artist capable of clawing her way to the top. And so, three years later, Miss Sandén stepped onto the Melfest stage for the second time – sporting dark hair, dressed in head-to-toe black and very high heels, and trying her luck with…well, another very Sanna Nielsen-esque ballad (that’s not a bad thing…I’m merely pointing out that a musical pattern was forming there). This time, armed with the heartstring-tugger that was/is Why Am I Crying?, she was more of a contender.

After winning her semi, she went on to perform in the penultimate position in the final, in the Globe Arena once again and just before Danny Saucedo took to the stage solo for the second year running (he was still her future boyfriend then, and I can’t help thinking that this is where the sparks really began to fly. Someone should make a movie about their love story, stat!). That final performance was all kinds of perfect (not all kinds of everything), and not because Molly put in a 110% pitch-perfect vocal. She didn’t, actually, but the catches in her voice – which was still as beautiful and powerful as ever, overall – made what could have been a clinical, going-through-the-motions performance feel far more authentic and emotional. Given that Molly’s relationship with the previous year’s Melfest champ Eric Saade ended in early 2012 (let’s just say the girl has a type), it’s not hard to understand how she was able to channel so much heartbreak into three minutes.

What also made her second attempt at representing Sweden such an admirable one was the simplicity of the staging. Back in 2009, things had been too pared-back, if anything – but this time, shadowy lighting, a bit of a breeze from the old wind machine (OF COURSE) and some multi-Molly visual effects ensured that an intimate atmosphere was created, and that no aspect of the performance could be described using the letters O, T and T. Basically, we witnessed the most effective way of treating a song like Why Am I Crying? – something we’d see again with Sanna’s Undo two years later. Sandwiched between the aggressive noisiness of Björn Ranelid and Sara Li’s Mirakel, and the flashy, futuristic stage show of Danny’s Amazing, Molly stood out purely because she didn’t…if you know what I mean.


Another Molly depicts what I’m sure all of your faces look like at this precise moment.

ANYWAY, that fact didn’t help her win the competition, but she greatly improved on her initial result with her eventual fifth place, narrowly missing out on fourth to David Lindgren (who she’ll battle against again next year if they both qualify from their semis). As we all know, it was a different intimate performance that won Melfest 2012 and went on to win Eurovision – Loreen’s. It couldn’t have been Molly’s or anybody else’s time with the Queen of the Crab-Dance in the mix.

But – and this is where this post has been leading – the combination of singer, song and beatable rivals might just be right for the Mollster in 2016. My reasoning? Well, for starters, her career is peaking as we speak, and her music has never been better (Freak? Hit. Phoenix? Hit. Like No One’s Watching? Hit. Satellites? HIT!!!). So much so that I’ll set fire to my entire Eurovision merchandise collection if her third Melfest entry Youniverse is anything less than THA SHIZ.

In addition, the song’s been written by Molly and Danny as a pair (as well as some other guy who’s clearly a third wheel) which makes it the closest thing to a Manny (or Dolly?) duet that we’re going to get in the near future. Both artists have proven their talent for penning great tracks in the past, so that ups my expectations of Molly’s chances.

And, when you look at her Melfest track record – last, then halfway up the leaderboard – it’d be a logical leap for her to finish first in the March final. She’s never been in a better position to win, and as the likes of Sanna and Måns would tell her, if you keep trying, the time will be right on one occasion or another.

Even if it’s the seventh.

That’s my thinking…but where are you at? Will Molly make it back to the Globe as Sweden’s host entrant for Eurovision 2016? Should she have had that chance back in 2012, or even 2009? Do you reckon she’s stepped things up with Youniverse, or is Why Am I Crying? too hard to top? If you have anything to say about this Sandén sister – even if it’s re: Ace Wilder being far superior (umm, I don’t THINK so!) – then get those fingers busy by commenting below!





4 Responses to “MELFEST MONDAY | Good golly, Miss Molly!”

  1. wschmidt1206

    How great! A TOP FIFTY of Melfest entries from the past ten years! Now that’s a big challenge for me, since I first started watching only the MF final in the years 2007-11, but watched all 6 shows in the past 4 years since 2012!

    So: il me manque beaucoup! 😉

    But I take that homework as a challenge for my coming Christmas holidays and will find out if I am able to do a top fifty by myself (very hard!)?! Top 10’s already done!

    Always feels good to know that there is (at least) one other (‘non-regular’) person on the other side of the planet that loves the ‘party for one’ same as I do when it’s Melfest-time in February. 🙂

    [In contrast to that, I hate ‘Christmas parties at work’, because of too many ‘regulars’ ;-), you know!]

    Sometimes you have a way of describing things that is just amazing: “after midnight, it’s the year of Mello”! That is EX.ACT.LY how I feel about it, too! 😉
    So great what you did there!

    I am already excited about your Melfest top fifty, and OF COURSE I will read it all whenever you will have published it.

    Until some time soon …



  2. wschmidt1206

    I am absolutely your opinion and cannot agree more to your MM post.

    I think Molly is an amazing singer that has improved much over the years, and at Melodifestivalen!

    Her 2009 entry was not all mine, but with “Why am I crying now?” from 2012 she totally convinced me as an artist. That song always gives me the feelings of “Because of you” by Kelly Clarkson, which is one of my fave ballads of all-time. So, no wonder that WAICN belongs into my top 10 Melfest entries EVER!

    In my Melfest ‘Youniverse’, I hope for a strong battle between David and Molly in the final, while we will (hopefully) see equally strong performances by Martin Stenmarck and Molly Pettersson Hammar, too, and, OF COURSE, cheer up to PANETOZ, just for the fun of it ;-)))!

    But in the end Molly should take the trophy (and share it with Danny) and bring it from the Friend’s to the Globen (she could take the subway, not?). I have a feeling about it that 2016 could be her year. All signs are good for her! But that all will depend on the quality of her song. So, I very much hope for a PERFECT song she can go all the way with.

    AND: the ‘one word’ Swedish entry list would continue with her, while “Youniverse” already sounds like a winning title. I am so curious about the song, I can tell! 😉

    I guess we will get a pretty exciting Melfest 2016, and I CAN’T WAIT!

    Will there be another retro ranking on Melfest 2015 on EBJ, or maybe a top 10 of your fave Melfest entries of all-time? That would be awesome! At least, I’d love to read it. 😉

    Many greets from Deutschland,

    Wolf 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaz

      Well, never before did I hear a resemblance between WAIC and Because of You…but now I’ll never unhear it! I love both songs, though, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

      I think we’ll definitely see a strong performance from Molly PH in Feb. She’s not gonna go down without a fight this time, faulty app or no faulty app. Obviously she’s not the Molly I want to see come out on top, but for her to deservingly go direkt on her second try would be brilliant. My fingers are crossed (so long as her song meets my expectations!).

      I CAN’T WAIT FOR MELFEST EITHER!! Other, “regular” people anticipate New Year’s Eve so they can party; we anticipate it because after midnight, it’s the year of Mello X’D Though I suppose we can do both. I always party when Melfest is happening anyway (even if it’s a party for one).

      I’m not sure about retro-ranking this year’s comp, but I can tell you that I have a massive Melfest top fifty countdown coming your way!! It’ll be my favourite fifty from 2006-2015, because narrowing it down that much was painful enough in a ten-year bracket. Attempting to choose so few from the entirety of Melfest history would actually kill me, I think. I’m pretty excited to post it, so I hope you stay tuned to read it (probably in the new year) – and share your top fifty, of course. There’s some homework for you, Wolf!

      Liked by 1 person


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