Düsseldorf in Rewind: Whose postcard is that anyway?

It’s about time you had some fun here at EBJ. You must be so sick of my long-winded psycho-analytic evaluations of the fashion choices of Dutch Eurovision contestants during the period of 1958 to 1975 (actually, that’s not a bad topic for a PHD project, if anyone’s looking for one. Thank me when you’re a certified doctor). So today I’ve prepared, as part of DIR Month, a little visual quiz for you. All you need to complete it is a functioning pair of eyes, although I probably don’t need to tell you that because if you didn’t have those you wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place.

ANYWAY, here’s the deal. The following postcards (frozen in time by moi) belong to Sweden, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Germany, and Georgia – but not in that order. Can you match each still to its rightful nation before it’s too late?**


* For your convenience and as is the standard with most quizzes, the answers can be found at the end.  
* No pressure. Nothing’s going to happen if you take your time, or if you cheat and go straight to the answers. Though if you do cheat and I somehow find out, I will shake my head in a very disappointed manner…beware.


Perhaps this country decided to make sails out of the material they could have used to put a back in their frontman’s shirt…



These two look happy enough, but they’d be even happier if they were driving a Ferrari.



The little people on the monitor didn’t travel too far at all to get to Eurovision 2011, which is convenient since they were so heavily involved.


This Viking’s getting a bit cheeky letting you know where he’s from.



 Ballet is a big thing in this country. Come to think of it, the country’s a pretty big thing too.


This country sure likes to draw – sometimes on paper, sometimes in sand.


If these two entered JESC 2012 they’d have a hard time outdoing their country’s last entrants in the mini contest.


Go ahead, blow your own horn! You deserve it after a dream result in Düsseldorf. 




1 = Denmark/ 2 = Italy/ 3 = Germany/ 4 = Sweden/ 5 = Russia/ 6 = Ukraine/ 7 = Georgia/ 8 = Azerbaijan


How did you do? Okay, so it wasn’t amazingly difficult, what with the not-so-cryptic clues and all, but it’s possible I stumped one of you. If not, I’ve definitely stumped myself by trying to think up a good ending for this post.

Goodbye? No.

Until next time…no.

Auf wiedersehen? Nein!


Forget it, J.


COMING UP: DIR Month continues with my top 10 costumes of 2011; and those long-awaited Düsseldorf Doppelgangers finally make their appearance…


4 Responses to “Düsseldorf in Rewind: Whose postcard is that anyway?”

  1. Annika

    Jaz, you’re too funny xD Surprisingly I remembered almost all of them (except Italy) but your clues kind of totally made it tooooooo easy…but it was fun 😀


  2. Balkanheart

    hihihi (:
    :’D really had to laugh (again) when i saw the sweden pic XD haaha.
    Nice quiz .-. with your comments it was easy to make it.



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