Düsseldorf in Rewind: My top 10 most-played entries

#1 UKRAINE Angel by Mika Newton


#3 CYPRUS San Angelos S’agapisa by Christos Mylordos

#4 IRELAND Lipstick by Jedward

#5 POLAND  Jestem by Magdalena Tul

#6 SLOVENIA No One by Maja Keuc

#7 NORWAY Haba Haba by Stella Mwangi

#8 SLOVAKIA I’m Still Alive by TWiiNS

#9 MACEDONIA Rusinka by Vlatko Illievski

#10 ISRAEL Ding Dong by Dana International


EBJ extras: Here are the ones that just missed out…Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany


Which 2011 entries have you played most over the last year???

About Jaz

Hi there – I’m Jaz, a 27-year-old Aussie with a serious Eurovision obsession. The ESC is the biggest and best party on the planet, and I like to keep it going way beyond May. That’s why I write about anything and everything contest-related (the songs, the costumes, the choreography and my undying love for Ott Lepland, for example) on my blog. Visit and subscribe for rankings, reviews and more fun stuff. You’ll get an automatic douze points from me! www.eurovisionbyjaz.com

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  1. 1. Bosnia&Herzegowina (: love(d) this.
    2. Slovenia ❤ biiig Maja Keuc Fan *-*
    3. Azerbaijan (: i really like this song
    4. Greece ! :]
    5. Macedonia. RUSINKA :'D
    6. UK – little boring for me but jeeah ;D
    7. sweden. also like the new cover of (H) Elena Paparaziou. (:
    8. ireland… ahhh. can't hear it anymore. Pls.. not.
    9. Ukraine. yup.


    • stupid post button :d
      10. cyprus.


    • No Serbia?? Were you a fan of Nina’s song??
      Dino Merlin #1!!! “Love in Rewind” is one of my favourites from 2011 (you may have noticed I named my recap month after it). I feel like I listen to it all the time so I don’t know why it’s not higher up on my list!
      Maja is pretty amazing. And YAY for Macedonia. That was really underrated in my opinion.
      Elena’s “Popular” cover works strangely well. Did you see her sing it at Melodifestivalen?



      • Nop. :’D in this i i didn’t like “my” country. :s i missed the balkan in this song.. you know? ovo je balkan, come on…! eh.. jeah. sorry :’D
        Jup. ;D i noticed that. (:
        i watched her video on youtube but no i didn’t see her at MF. at this evening i watched Zeljko [: yay.


      • Thihihi (((: same! :’D


  2. Yay Cyprus 😀 Wow I hadn’t heard Ukraine in a while…and Ireland never had the honor of being in my iPod 😛
    Mine are:
    1. Russia
    2. Bosnia
    3. Poland
    4. Hungary
    5. Greece
    6. Cyprus
    7. Iceland
    8. Denmark
    9. The Netherlands
    10. Switzerland
    and then France and Slovenia…


    • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Cyprus!!!! I still get goosebumps every time I hear it, and pretty much the only other song that does that to me on the 18208402525th listen is “Lane Moje”.

      Poor Jedward, if they ever read this (hahahahahaha) they will be heartbroken!! Will “Waterline” make it to your iPod??


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