In focus: Azerbaijan



ESC debut: 2008

No. of entries: 4

Gold medals: 1 (2011)

Silver medals: 0

Bronze medals: 1 (2009)

Top 10 finishes: 4

Top 10 success rate: 100%

Wooden spoons (last places!): 0

Semi final qualifications: 4/4

Qualification success rate: 100%



My favourite entry: Drip Drop by Safura (2010)

My least favourite entry: Running Scared by Ell & Nikki (2011)

Their best stage show: 2008, with Elnur and Samir. Who doesn’t love a completely over-the-top angel & devil theme? WITH A COSTUME REVEAL? And the spilling of red wine (a.k.a. water with red food colouring in it).

Their best costume/s: As much as I love a dress with more lights on it than a Christmas tree, I’m going with the simplicity of the 2011 outfits.

Their best vocalist/s: Elnur & Samir – giving Mariah Carey a run for her money in the glass-shattering note department since ’08.

What I love about Azerbaijan in the ESC: Yes, they’ve only been in it four years, but for each of those they’ve given 110%, and are always in it to win it (although they may not try as hard now they actually have won it). Well-performed, well-crafted Top 40 pop/r & b is their specialty, and I’m a-ok with that!

7 Responses to “In focus: Azerbaijan”

  1. Dara

    Well.. Emmy was a bit of a let down.. but I did manage to love her other NF song “Ayo” if that counts 😛
    Sweden should have won!


  2. Dara

    I agree with these, although I like Safura’s dress 😀 I really didn’t find Azerbaijan 2011 special, I was very annoyed it won! Their 2009 song is probably the best, I like 2008 and 2010 too though. Armenia is a sort of uh… love country for me, I always love them, unlike Azerbaijan 😀


    • Jaz

      My sentiments exactly (in relation to 2011). I’m still trying to get over it!
      Out of interest, did you manage to love Boom-Boom??? Chaka chakaaaaaa……


  3. Annika

    Hi, I just wanted to say that ugh I didn’t like Safura, my pick would have been 2009, but I agree with the rest. And your blog has won a blogger award at my blog..not exactly an eurovision one, it’s more like a symbolic thingy, but still… congratulations xD


  4. fech

    Hi Jaz, what a nice article! You tell the statistics and your opinion about a country in ESC with an interesting way… keep on work, girl! 🙂
    Uniquely I’m almost agree with all your opinions – but for me their best vocalist is Safura. Yeah, Elnur and Samir’s voice are fitted with their songs actually, so nothing I’m complained for.


    • Jaz

      Thanks for your comment =D

      Safura would definitely be my second choice for the best voice, though Arash is good as well…I just think AySel let him down a bit vocally in Moscow.



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