1 to 43, down the Eurovision street…

My manicure's still intact...unfortunately, "Baku" doesn't fit so well. Lucky "Azerbaijan" does!

It’s the morning after the morning after, and there’s still so much 2011 to talk about! I need a bit of time before I crown this year’s winners of the EBJ Awards for Eurovision Excellence (your invitation should be in the mail), but in the meantime, let’s go through the Düsseldorf results once again – this time all the way from 1 to 43, with a little bit extra!  

1. Azerbaijan (221) – Now that I’ve had a few hours to mull this victory over, I’m seeing it as a ‘Russia 08’ win – right country, right time…but not necessarily a memorable song and maybe not the one that’ll be seen as the right winner in the future. That is just my personal opinion, of course, and I’m still just as happy for Ell, Nikki and Azerbaijan as I was last night! Last year they threw everything at their entry with Safura (including Beyoncé’s choreographer, who’s still in traction), desperate to win, and now they’ve done it by trying a little less hard. Still, I think their triumph was a surprise to a lot of people.

2. Italy (189) – I get the feeling Raphael wasn’t overly excited by such a great result. That’s okay, because I’m excited enough for the both of us! To come back to the contest after more than a decade with a song few expected to make an impact, only to rake in the points and score one of the most coveted positions on the board is an über awesome achievement (sorry, I’m still feeling German). I think Mr. Gualazzi gave the best performance out of the Big 5, one that made me want to scat loudly in my living room even though I’m SO not a jazz fan – despite my name. Fingers crossed for Italy to grace Baku with their presence next year!

3. Sweden (185) – Sweden won the 2nd semi, and for a while during the voting, it looked like Eric Saade would be the most Popular act of the night, and though I’d previously thought to myself that if Sweden won, I’d just die, all of a sudden I was cheering them on. Alas, it was not to be. But I think this is a place well deserved. Eric may not have the best live vocal (although maybe if they let him stand still and sing rather than making him run up the walls/smash glass/run marathons and sing, he’d do better) but he had a cracking song and show that got the Düsseldorf Arena going, and he sold them both to the max.  

 4.Ukraine (159) – I love this song, but I can’t help thinking…how did this happen? I didn’t know Europe loved sand so much.

5. Denmark (134)

6. Bosnia & Herzegovina (125) – Way to show the Curse of No. 2 who’s boss, Dino Merlin! This fan couldn’t be happier for B & H. Their entries are usually hit-and-miss for me, but when they hit, they hit with something really unique that stands out – Putnici, Lejla, Bistra Voda…sigh. I’m adding Love In Rewind to that list of wonderful-ness for certain.  

7. Greece (120)

8. Ireland (119)

9. Georgia (110)

10. Germany (107) – Lena put in one of the most polished performances of the night – very sultry, very mysterious, and just plain eye-catching! It’s clear she’s really grown as a performer since the Satellite days of yesteryear (or last-a-year, in this case). And yet, she was 19 then and is still 19 now. I’m actually hoping Germany makes her their permanent representative.

11. United Kingdom (100) – Blue didn’t quite live up to expectation, but with 100 points – 10 times their 2010 result – and 11th place, they shouldn’t beat themselves up about it. Though Lee Ryan could do with a minor beating for choosing the moment theUK sang for real in the final to have his voice break. And we could have done without 2D-Blue in the background. Ireland and Slovakia gave us enough doubles to last a lifetime. Still, it was a commendable performance, so close to the top 10.

 12. Moldova (97)

13. Slovenia (96)

14. Serbia (85)

15. France (82) – Speaking of not living up to expectation! There were a lot of fans and journalists convinced that France would run away with the glass microphone in 2011, and as you probably know, the bookies had them instilled as the firm favourite most of the way. I hate to brag, but I never saw Amaury on top. And yet I didn’t think he could possibly leave Germany with anything less than a 10th place under his belt. I have to say, his vocals weren’t as breathtaking as they were on the French variety show where Sognu premiered, and so I spent the last half or so of the song wondering how many hours it had taken to maneuver his hair into that ‘I just rolled out of bed into a vat of styling gel (Schwarzkopf, naturally)’ arrangement. Better luck in Baku.

16. Russia (77)

17. Romania (77)

18. Austria (64)

19. Lithuania (63)

20. Iceland (61)

21. Finland (57)

22. Hungary (53)

23. Spain (50)

24. Estonia (44) – Speaking of not living up to expectation…again. Poor Getter failed to make the splash many thought she would, although she did bring the Peter Pan collar to the Eurovision stage. Her vocals weren’t the best, and I guess that coupled with being the filling of a dramatic Sweden/Greece sandwich led her to the second to last place.

25. Switzerland(19) – Would someone give the Swiss a break? I fell in love for a while with this sunny song after seeing it in the first semi, thinking if it qualified it could make the top 10. Amazingly, it did qualify – but fell flat in the final. As much as just reaching the final must be an achievement for the country, nobody wants to be last.

Then again, Anna Rossinelli didn’t technically come last. Here’s the rest of the scoreboard, with the semi 1 acts in blue and the semi 2 acts in red:

  1. Malta (54)
  2. Armenia (54)
  3. Belgium (53) – As talented as they are, I can’t believe Witloof Bay were so close.
  4. Bulgaria (48)
  5. Slovakia (48)
  6. Albania (47)
  7. Turkey (47) – Not only did the Turks not qualify, but they weren’t even on the border! Major shock.
  8. Belarus (45)
  9. Croatia (41)
  10. Israel (38)
  11. FYR Macedonia (36)
  12. San Marino (34) – 37th may not seem like an impressive result, Senit – but it makes you the singer of San Marino’s most successful entry ever!
  13. Norway (30)
  14. Latvia (25)
  15. Portugal (22)
  16. Poland (18)
  17. Cyprus (16) – IMO, this is one of the least deserved positions of 2011. The staging and choreography was up there with Germany’s in terms of professionalism, and the song just gets me. If the performance had mimicked Germany’s in choice of outfits, I wouldn’t be surprised with 16 points (Christos could not carry off that onesie) but as it stands, I don’t understand what went wrong.
  18. Netherlands (13) – Yes, it was 3JS from another unlucky ESC country who have the dubious honor of being 43rd out of 43. Was it deserved? I don’t think so. But it has to be someone. Or three someones, in this instance. A problem shared is a problem halved!


More this week, so stay tuned…just because Eurovision’s over doesn’t mean we have to stop discussing it!

2 Responses to “1 to 43, down the Eurovision street…”

  1. Annika

    Love your Ukraine comment xD Couldn’t disagree more on Germany, Lena as a permanent representative is a “bit” too much. The Netherlands’ and Cyprus’ places will always remain a mystery to me 😥


    • Jaz

      Don’t worry, the Lena thing was a joke – although I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back in 2012, haha. I was dead against her representing Germany again six months ago but in the end I’m glad she did!

      3JS and Christos – least deserved places ever! I thought Cyprus in particular were amazing.



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