Europe adores you, Azerbaijan!

Well! I did NOT see that coming. Azerbaijan’s Demi and Ashton have won Eurovision 2011!

I am in a state of shock…I don’t know what to think! On one, hand I’m thrilled for Ell and Nikki who looked like they hadn’t seen it coming either, and Azerbaijan, who I’m sure will give us a great show in a year’s time. On the other hand, WTF? Is this not quite random? I realise that they were amongst the favourites, but I never thought in a million years they’d pull ahead and take out the whole thing. I also never envisioned Italy coming 2nd, but I’m over the moon for them! With any luck, they’ll come back next year now they know Europe sees them as a long-lost friend rather than a stranger (perhaps one who’s after Lena?).

I could talk about Eurovision 2011 until…well, Eurovision 2012. But it’s past midnight and my eyelids are drooping, and the Union Jack I painted on my hand four hours ago is looking rougher than Blue would have at the after party, so come back tomorrow for musings galore!

I will take a second to say:

  • CONGRATULATIONS ELL AND NIKKI! (despite my shock). Bring on Baku 2012!
  • Well done to the rest of the top 10 – Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Ireland, Georgia and Germany
  • Kudos to the UK, who may have just missed out on a top 10 finish, but still got 100 points, smashed their 2010 result out of the park AND made a lot of people very proud
  • The results of the semi finals make for very interesting reading! More on that this week…
  • The winner of the Australian voting is Ireland, with Greece and Serbia close behind
  • I can’t wait to dissect the 56th contest with you for weeks to come!

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