Saturday night: the start of some serious selection madness

There’s some exciting things cooking in the Eurovision preselection kitchen tonight…and I don’t think that’s the first time I’ve used a cooking metaphor to describe these sorts of events. Anyway, first and foremost in my mind is the kick-off of Melodifestivalen 2011!

Melodifest is my favourite national final to follow, being the biggest and showiest of all 40+ every year. Twenty eleven’s edition comes complete with the Manboy himself, Eric Saade; EMD’s Danny Saucedo (if you don’t know him, his entering is the Euro-equivalent of Justin Timberlake taking part in Americanfestivalen, or something like that); Elisabeth Andreassen, whom I won’t even deign to introduce…just Google her, people; and the much-ado-about-potentially-nothing Love Generation, who are yet another vehicle for uber-producer RedOne’s infectious tunes. I for one and uber excited to get into it all! Semi final one, of four, is on tonight, and to give you a brief debriefing, and because it’s the 5th, I will a) Present a list of the participants, and b) Say what I think of them in five words or less. You can listen to all of these songs yourself RIGHT NOW through the SVT website.

1. Dilba/ TRY AGAIN/ A clubby, catchy track.

2. Swingfly/ ME AND MY DRUM/ Chorus is the best part.

3. Jenny Silver/ SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES/ Up-tempo cliché fest.

4. Jonas Matsson/ ON MY OWN/ Sweet and infectious. NOT depressing!

5. Le Kid/ OH MY GOD/ Poppy but a little ordinary.

6. Rasmus Viberg/ SOCIAL BUTTERFLY/ I want this to qualify!

7. Pernilla Andersson/ DESPERADOS/ Unusual old West sound.

8. Danny Saucedo/ IN THE CLUB/ Way, way, WAY too repetitive.

Four will qualify: two straight to the March 12 final, and two to the second-chance round. And soon, we get to find out just who that will be! In the meantime, here’s what else is going down this evening for all those interested: Lithuania and Latvia join Sweden in having their first semis, whilst Norway’s MGP continues with the Last Chance round. Croatia’s Dora is also carrying on with it’s third semi. (If you want to make certain you’re not missing anything, check out the full selection schedule at I wish I could go into more detail about all of these, but it’s vair late Down Under and I am a busy blogger! But I’m sure you know most of the zillion places you can go to find more info.

Stay tuned, for tomorrow I’ll give a more in-depth run down on the results of MF, MGP and any other initials that take my fancy, as well as show you my picks for the best and worst songs in the former.

Hating to blog and run,


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