Saying goodbye to January with selections and a song

That song is Je Vecht Nooit Alleen, or You’ll Never Fight Alone, by the lads from 3JS.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this song at the moment – I’m waiting to put it into perspective alongside the other 42 entries in my reviews closer to May. I will say that I was initially disappointed, especially since the other work of 3JS I’d heard was great. But, as often happens with Eurovision songs, the second and last time I listened to it, I liked it a little more – so I’m thinking it’s a grower. It’s certainly not a bad song, but I’m not certain it will stand out from the others. Let me know what you think here or on Facebook – I’d LOVE some more support at the latter. Remember, just search for Eurovision By Jaz and like.

Anyway, putting the so-far chosen entries into perspective will be easy soon as we are officially in Frantic February, peeps! Have you SEEN the 26th? I won’t have time to take a breath that day with the amount of selections finishing up – but I wouldn’t want it any other way. As a little guide to the month, and beyond, here’s a little selection schedule I prepared earlier (correct as of Feb. 1 2011):


San Marino: 3rd

Ireland: 11th

Belgium, Malta, Iceland, Norway, Finland: 12th

Poland: 14th 

Turkey: 16th

Spain, Germany: 18th

Armenia: 19th

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 20th

Bulgaria: 23rd

Austria: 25th

Macedonia, Moldova, Lithuania, Serbia, Latvia, Denmark, Estonia: 26th

Slovenia, Ukraine: 27th

Also choosing: France, Georgia, Greece, Azerbaijan



Croatia, Portugal: 5th

Israel: 8th

Sweden: 12th


And still undecided…






In other notable news, reigning Eurovish champ Lena took to the stage last night in the first semi final of Unser Song für Deutschland. She performed six songs, of which three qualified to the final. Three that I have to say in no way floated my boat, though if I was held at gunpoint by Lena herself and forced to choose, I’d say Maybe was my favourite…maybe. In any case, I’m hoping the three deemed the best from semi final two (this weekend) are better. Jump onto Youtube and decide for yourself what you think. Can ANYTHING live up to Satellite? And more to the point, does Germany want anything to? Hmm.

Ponder away, my fellow Eurovision family….


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