A decade of pop…and rock….and so much more

So, presumably you’ve read my previous post =) and have been hanging out over the last 24 hours for the promised ‘best of the decade + 2010’ sequel (ha ha HA). Well hang no longer – here it is! If by chance you haven’t read the previous post because you is crazy, then please do, as it will brief you on my process and emphasise the fact that these are not the result of a vote but rather of my own personal opinion.

Without further ado, away we go:

Best pop song:

Solo – Alsou

Die For You – Antique

Tell Me Who You Are – Malene Mortensen

Dime – Beth

Wild Dances – Ruslana

Let Me Try – Luminita Anghel & Sistem

Never Let You Go – Dima Bilan

I Love You Mi Vida – D’Nash

This Is My Life – Euroband

Lose Control – Waldo’s People

Satellite – Lena

Best traditional song:

Hano – Nino Prses

Od Nas Zavisi – Karolina

Sanomi – Urban Trad

Lane Moje – Zeljko Joksimovic

Forogj Vilag – Nox

Lejla – Hari Mata Hari

Rijeka Bez Imena – Maria

Oro – Jelena Tomasevic

Rändajad  – Urban Symphony

Ovo Je Balkan – Milan Stankovic


Best rock song:

My Star – Brainstorm

Lady Alpine Blue – Mumuiy Troll

S.A.G.A.P.O – Michalis Rakintzis

Ne Ver’, Ne Bojsia – t.A.T.u

In My Dreams – Wig Wam

Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi

Fight – Natalia Barbu

Deli – Mor Ve Ötesi

Bistra Voda – Regina

We Could Be The Same – MaNga


Best ballad:

Kad Zaspu Andeli – Goran Karan

Wer Liebe Lebt – Michelle

Il Faut Du Temps – Sandrine Francois

I’m Not Afraid To Move On – Jostein Hasselgard

Du Bist – Tie-Break

The Silence That Remains – Shiri Maimon

Every Song Is A Cry For Love – Brian Kennedy

Anytime You Need – Hayko

The Fire In Your Eyes – Boaz

Is It True?  – Yohanna

Life Looks Better In Spring – Jon Lilygreen & the Islanders


I hope you were thrilled or enraged or something with my picks. If you were, why not let me know??? You know you want to……

Talk to you soon, ex ex. 




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