Dusseldorf and other drastic developments

Will the D-word be placed before the 2011 in the near future???

It has been a loooooooooooooooong while since my last post, I know (I also know that most of my posts begin this way =] ) which must have affected all three of my readers. But I have been and still am flat out with uni work. But I’m finally here and ready to vent on the recent ESC 2011 developments that have…well…developed, since my last pertinent post. Let’s get straight into it:

–          Düsseldorf as probable host city: YAY…ish. Okay, so I don’t pretend to know a whole lot about this city, I just had my heart (and my money) set on the bustling capital of Berlin. I am looking forward to finding out about it, and it does have a supremely awesome arena in the Esprit. I do like the idea of saying ‘Düsseldorf 2011’ as often as possible. Anyway, at this point the host city is only confirmed by the media (which in turn was confirmed by Wikipedia…hmm) so well have to wait until we get NDR confirmation

–          Austria’s return: YAY. I guess if anything were to give the Austrians the idea that they should consider a return, it was a German victory. If they bring a great, modern song, I don’t see why they can’t do well next year. Even if they select a horrendous one though, I will be just as happy to see them back in the Eurovision fold. The more the merrier!

–          Svante’s resignation: NAY. Oh, what a sad day it was when Mr. Stockselius decided that he’d done enough scrutineering and supervising to last him a lifetime. JESC 2010 will be the last Eurovision event the great man will supervise, and it will take a great man (or woman) to fill his shoes. In the silver lining, though, perhaps that person could be yours truly?

–          Christos Mylordos for Cyprus: YAY. Well, it depends on the song of course. And who knows if Cyprus will ever win, no matter who sings whatever great song they happen to bring. If Jon and the Islanders couldn’t do it with LLBIS, one of the most cracking ESC songs ever (seriously!) I’m not sure if anyone can. Good luck to Christos.

–          3JS for the Netherlands: YAY. I believe these guys could be the Manga of 2011. A popular male band with an unusual ethnic/rock sound writes a cracking song and blows us all away with the live performance, rakes in the points and makes top five and then some. I’ve listened to a few of their tracks, Watermensen being my favourite. I can’t see a song like that doing well at the big ESC, but I have a feeling they’re going to bring something equally excellent but more suitable for the contest to the Dutch table. It’s long overdue for them to do really well. Will 2011 be the year?

–          Italy’s possible comeback: YAY. Need I say more?

Actually there is one thing I need to say, and that is, as hopeful as I am that this will come to fruition I don’t like the chances of it really, truly happening.

Well that’s a record five yays to one nay, so 2011 is shaping up to be a fascinating and interesting contest. I wish I was booking accommodation and preparing to do the same with tickets, but a) I have university to attend, and b) I am poor.

More news and other fun stuff as I have the time. Please keep reading despite my sporadic tendencies!!!

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