The best of a brilliant bunch

Every year we all have our Eurovision favourites, and often these top fives or tens are made up of quite a variety of musical styles – especially now in this diverse age where everything from hip hop to country to island rhythms have made appearances in the contest (with varying degrees of success).

I’ve been wanting to categorise the songs of the last few years for a while in order to determine the best genre songs for those periods…and now I’ve finally got around to it!!! Of course, these are only my opinions, and I encourage you to share yours. Today my opinions are focused on the last five years. Here’s how I went about getting the results:

  • As I went through each year I found that a lot of the categories I had come up with (country/dance etc) didn’t have more than one representative at each contest.
  • In the end I had four broad categories: pop (very broad); traditional (incorporates ethnic/folk songs); rock (hard or soft); and ballads. If there was only one representative for any year in any category, I did not count it.
  • In true Eurovision style I’ve awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in each category (and in true Academy Awards style I’ve listed all the nominees).

Now, without further ado, I present (my) best Eurovision songs in the categories of……

Pop song:

Never Let You Go – Dima Bilan

I Love You Mi Vida – D’Nash

This Is My Life – Euroband

Lose Control – Waldo’s People

Satellite – Lena


Traditional song:

Lejla – Hari Mata Hari

Rijeka Bez Imena – Maria

Oro – Jelena Tomasevic

Rändajad  – Urban Symphony

Ovo Je Balkan – Milan Stankovic


Rock song:

Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi

Fight – Natalia Barbu

Deli – Mor Ve Ötesi

Bistra Voda – Regina

We Could Be The Same – MaNga



Every Song Is A Cry For Love – Brian Kennedy

Anytime You Need – Hayko

The Fire In Your Eyes – Boaz

Is It True?  – Yohanna

Life Looks Better In Spring – Jon Lilygreen & the Islanders


So there you have it. As I said before, I BEG you to challenge me, MWAHAHAHAHAHA….ha!

And now that this is over, what else is there to do? Why, do the same for the last decade, of course! Look out v. soon for an even bigger battle of brilliant entries as I take 2000-2009 (and throw in 2010 for good measure) and rack my brains trying to find faults to seperate them.

See y’all soon……

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