National final number two’s make for good listening

It has been way too long since my last post. As usual, tertiary education is to blame (my favourite scapegoat!) – I have been flat out with work and am somehow still managing to be behind. ANYWAY, among all that I’ve also been spending a lot of time checking out what could have been where Oslo is concerned. Yes, I’ve been listening to all of the runners-up of the 09/10 national finals, and I have to say, there’s some crackers! Whilst I don’t believe any of the silver medalists were better than the winners (except for Norway and Slovenia), I would have been perfectly happy waving a flag for many of them instead. Of the 39 countries, 35 or so had national finals where the runner up sang a different song (unlike the Netherlands or the UK), and of those, here are my picks for those you should Youtube (my top ten are highlighted):

ALBANIA – Në Pasqyrë – Anjeza Shahini

ARMENIA – Hey (Let Me Hear You Say) – Emmy & Mihran

BULGARIA – Twist and Tango – Miro

CROATIA – Jobrni Je Jobrni – Franko Krajcar: I love the ethnic riff in this.

CYPRUS – Angel – Constantinos Christoforou

DENMARK – Breathing – Bryan Rice: very Top 40!

FYR MACEDONIA – Sreka – Vlatko Ilievski

GERMANY – I Care For You – Jennifer Braun

ISRAEL – Le’an – Harel Skaat: almost as stunning as Milim.

MALTA – A Little More Love – Glen Vella

NORWAY – Don’t Wanna Lose You Again – A1 – I’m a bit biased as I have a pre-existing love for A1 but I do believe this is a great song, better than My Heart Is Yours.

PORTUGAL – Canta Por Mim – Catarina Pereira: catchy pop with involvement from the great Andrej Babic.

ROMANIA – Save Their Lives – Luminita Anghel, Tony Tomas & Adrian Piper: a clubby song with a difference.

RUSSIA – Crowning – Oleg Bezinskikh: this is unusual, but I can’t help liking it.

SLOVAKIA – Emotions – Mista: a fantastic ballad!*

SLOVENIA – Dez – Nina Puslar

SPAIN – En Una Vida – Coral Segovia: another beautiful ballad.

SWEDEN – Keep On Walking – Salem Al Fakir: this is the last song you would expect to do so well in a Swedish (schlager) final, but it is just so good. I’ve got it on repeat.

* If you like this song, listen up: the English version is available to download IN FULL for FREE – yes, you did read correctly – from Mista’s site For those of you not Slovakian-literate, click on “Hudba” at the top of the home page and scroll down.

It’s getting late, so as much as I hate to post and run, I’m going to. I have a heap of assignments to start this weekend but I want to get on to some more stuff up here! Bear with me, Eurovisionaries!

PS – As I already know one thing I’m getting for my birthday (in a month!) I wanted a surprise – but how do you ask for what you want and then expect a surprise? Well, the official Eurovision shop has the answer! For twenty euros you can now order a “surprise package” which contains a mixture of merchandise from past years to the value of fifty euros. Sure, it may be a clever way of them getting rid of their excess stock, but I’m not complaining. There’s loads of other great new stuff online so grab your credit card and check it out.

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