What’s up, twenty eleven?

It seemed like the second Germany took out the 55th contest, news and developments of the 56th started rolling in. In light of this, I thought I’d give my opinion on some of this/these. Let’s see….

  • The 10th/12th/14th of May as set dates: It’s 2 weeks earlier than this year so that means the 2011 contest is even closer – so I couldn’t be happier! As usual it will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (as long as we get enough countries to allow two semi finals. It’s early days still).


  • The possibility of a 5th automatic qualifier: I am all for this! As you know it’s normally the Big 4 and the winning country who automatically qualify with the double-semi system. But whatever would happen if a Big 4 country was that winner? Well, now we have to figure that out. It may be bias since Turkey was on of my absolute favourite songs in 2010 as you no doubt have discovered, but I think they should get a free pass into the final (as if they aren’t going to make it there anyway!) for coming 2nd as the Big 4 are always the ones to receive them – and since now Germany has a double reason for getting it, the next best should get something to compensate.


  • The mystery of the host city: There are about 8 cities interested in hosting in 2011 at the moment, including Munich, Hanover, Frankfurt Am Main, Düsseldorf and, of course, the capital, Berlin. We won’t know which one triumphs until September (oh, the pain!) but I have a feeling it will be Berlin. It has been capital cities all the way for a long time, excepting 2004 (whilst many think Istanbul is the Turkish capital it is actually Ankara. I’m not a know-it-all, I just sound like one right now). But if it is another, I’ll be happy because I have a feeling the Germans will put on a serious show no matter what longitude and latitude it’s at.


  • Lena’s return: Good luck to her. It depends on the song how well she’ll do. I don’t think she’ll make the top ten without another poppy cracker like ‘Satellite’, and I am 100% confident in saying that she won’t win again. Nothing against her, I love her! It just isn’t going to happen.


  • 3JS representing the Netherlands: Well, I’d never heard of this trio, and when I saw a description of them as being “old guys” I wasn’t sure I wanted to (I had visions of the Toppers – instant cringe. But, I decided to Youtube them nonetheless. 1) They aren’t old. Not as old as the Toppers anyway, and I don’t believe these guys would be caught dead in sequined pantsuits. 2) Their music style is really interesting, and from what I heard (the song ‘Watermensen’) they could come up with a mixture of ethnic sounds and modern soft rock that could do really well at Eurovision.


  • Israel’s clash of holidays: Apparently they will only be able to take part in 2011 if they are drawn in the 2nd semi final – or if the EBU can somehow ensure that they are. I hope they can! Being three countries down on 2009 this year was bad enough, let’s not make it <38! Plus, I always like what Israel brings to the contest. Well, usually.


  • Austria and Hungary’s possible presence: See above. And then say you’ll come back A and H!


Let’s see what happens next…..what WILL be the host city? How many countries WILL descend on Germany next year? It’s just a matter of time until we all find out.  Too much time…..but just a matter of it!

x Jaz

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