Splitting the second semi

Sorry about the wait (I’m sure you were hanging out for this next instalment!) but I’ve been busy trying to cram into my holidays all the stuff I wanted to do before they come to an end. Wishful thinking. Anyway here’s my brief analysis of the split results from the second semi final. I apologise for the horrendous table – the last one wasn’t much better. I’m not the best at the technical stuff…






1  Azerbaijan 126  Georgia 117
2  Turkey 119  Turkey 93
3  Romania 113  Azerbaijan 89
4  Denmark 106  Israel 88
5  Georgia 102  Armenia 84
6  Armenia 90  Ireland 84
7  Ukraine 77  Denmark 83
8  Lithuania 65  Romania 80
9  Sweden 64  Cyprus 79
10  Cyprus 53  Ukraine 78
11  Netherlands 49  Sweden 76
12  Israel 46  Croatia 54
13  Ireland 43  Lithuania 27
14  Croatia 22  Netherlands 26
15  Bulgaria 15  Bulgaria 25
16  Slovenia 11  Switzerland 14
17  Switzerland 1  Slovenia 5

RED = qualified when results were combined

  • Turkey was the second favourite for both.

    Safura unsurprisingly won the viewer vote...

  • If the televoters had prevailed in this semi, Lithuania’s sparkly hot-pants and Sweden’s Anna would have taken the places of Israel and Ireland.
  • For the juries, everything went according to plan….
  • The decision of the bottom three entries may have differed a little between the two parties position-wise – but both agreed that the same trio of nations didn’t cut it.
  • In this semi the juries would have been the ones exchanging high fives as all ten of their top picks squeezed through into the final. Us poor televoters missed out on two.
  • The top ten of the jury was definitely more ballad-oriented in this semi – whether this is because there were more ballads to choose from or not remains unknown.
  • Harel from Israel must be puzzling over the difference between the J and T reactions to his song – whilst the jury thought it good enough to make the top 5, the viewers at home dismissed it at 12th place.

...but it was Georgia's entry that was most appreciated by the jury.

I’ll see you soon for the picking of the final results bone, plus my annual write-up (an homage to the great John Kennedy O’Connor) and then we can move forward into Berlin/Cologne/ Munich/ Hanover/ etc 2011!

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