And, FINALly, for the final!

At last I’ve got my act together! I know how old this news is at this point but I can’t analyse enough the split results…imagining what could have been! This is the big one, and you can see how major the differences are between how us fans and the jury members saw things.

Lena made the biggest impact of all in Oslo.






1  Germany 243  Germany 187
2  Turkey 177  Belgium 185
3  Denmark 174  Romania 167
4  Armenia 166  Georgia 160
5  Azerbaijan 161  Israel 134
6  Romania 155  Ukraine 129
7  Greece 152  Denmark 121
8  France 151  Turkey 119
9  Georgia 127  Azerbaijan 116
10  Serbia 110  Armenia 116
11  Russia 107  Greece 110
12  Spain 106  Albania 97
13  Ukraine 94  Portugal 69
14  Belgium 76  Bosnia and Herzegovina 65
15  Iceland 40  Russia 63
16  Bosnia and Herzegovina 35  Ireland 62
17  Albania 35  Norway 61
18  Moldova 28  Cyprus 57
19  Israel 27  Iceland 57
20  Portugal 24  Spain 43
21  Norway 18  Serbia 37
22  Belarus 18  France 34
23  Cyprus 16  Moldova 33
24  Ireland 15  Belarus 22
25  United Kingdom 7 United Kingdom 18

RED = the actual top ten

  • TELEVOTING: Gold/silver/bronze – Germany/Turkey/Denmark
  • JURY: Gold/silver/bronze – Germany/Belgium/Romania
  • Unsurprisingly, the UK languished in last place on both counts.
  • France and Serbia were thought worthy of the top ten by viewers, but not by juries, who believed that Israel’s song deserved a top 5 position.
  • Germany’s win was unanimous – despite the jury’s tendency to pick more old-fashioned ballads. It certainly is a cracker!

I’d love to know which top ten you would have preferred – the voters or the jury’s. Personally, I’d give it to the voters (just don’t tell anyone that this is mainly because Serbia would have made it). But in the end I think this was too good a year for me to have to pick a top ten! 35 or so great songs makes for difficult pickings.

I’ve just one more Oslo-oriented post to post before I can crack on with 2011, but it won’t be the last you see of one of the best (music-wise) Eurovisions ever. The Norwegians may not have created the unbeatable spectacle of Moscow (perhaps because it was unbeatable) but they sure did a commendable job. I have a feeling the long-Eurovision-suffering Germans are going to bring it next year and show Europe what they’ve been missing all this time…..

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