Split decisions produce interesting results….






 1  Greece  151  Belgium  165
 2  Iceland  149  Portugal  107
 3  Belgium  146  Greece  99
 4  Russia  92  Albania  96
 5  Serbia  92  Bosnia and Herzegovina  86
 6  Finland  69  Iceland  85
 7  Albania  68  Malta  66
 8  Belarus  63  Serbia  65
 9  Portugal  58  Estonia  64
 10  Moldova  54  Macedonia  62
 11  Bosnia and Herzegovina  42  Poland  58
 12  Malta  40  Belarus  47
 13  Poland  38  Moldova  42
 14  Slovakia  34  Russia  41
 15  Macedonia  30  Finland  37
 16  Estonia  22  Slovakia  25
 17  Latvia  12  Latvia


RED = qualified when results were combined


As you no doubt know, the 2010 split results have now been released, and it’s safe to say that the jury has made its mark! Above you can see the split for semi final #1, and what would have happened if the qualifiers had been decided by either the televoters or the jury alone. Look a bit closer, and some of the things you will notice are that:

  • The top two were different for both.

    The top choice of televoters

  • If T had had all the power, Finland would have made it through instead of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • If J had had all the power, Malta, Estonia AND Macedonia would have been lucky. Belarus, Moldova and Russia would have missed out.
  • The top choices are starkly contrasted – the viewers went for the foot stomping, drum banging, shouting, roof-lifting spectacle song from Greece, whilst the juries preferred the simplicity of Belgium, this year’s most humble entry.
  • The top two were  entirely different nations for both.
  • The only agreement between the two was in who took last place. Latvia didn’t measure up for T or J.
  • In the end the jury got their way where favourites are concerned, with Belgium qualifying first as a result of the combined points…
  • …but the televoters ended up with the best deal – 9 of the 10 countries

    The top choice of the juries

    they preferred progressed to the final, whereas only 7 of the 10 the jury rooted for were finalists.

  • Juries proved that they aren’t only focused on the big ballads, with only three of their top 10 falling into that category.
  • Both voted for a diverse range of songs – ballads, tradititionals, rock, pop, folk and dance all triumphed.
  • The country that benefited the most from the viewers was Russia, who qualified 4th from them, but wouldn’t have made it at all (as aforementioned) as far as the jury voted.
  • The countries that benefited the most from them were the three mentioned above who similarly wouldn’t have made it if the televoters had ruled.


I’m always eager to see these results, and imagine what could have been – especially where the final is concerned! Stay tuned for my observations on the splits of semi #2 and the final, as well as many more exciting posts (erm…yeah).

Love Jaz.

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