The 2010 Eurovisonary Awards

So Eurovision is over for another year, and before I set about writing my usual article/overview and rant about the scoring etc, I wanted to carry on with the highly sought-after awards that I handed out post-semi finals in relation to the glittering extravaganza that was the 2010 final.

Best stage show: Turkey

Runners-up: Spain, Moldova, Serbia, Greece

Best vocals: Belgium (I could listen to Tom all day….)

Runners-up: Cyprus, Iceland, Germany, Israel, Denmark

Worst vocals: Norway’s beginning – sorry! I just don’t think Didrik hit the right notes until the operatic climax of the song.

The whole package: Turkey (Eurovision brilliance! Take that haters!)

Runners-up: Romania, Greece, Serbia, Azerbaijan

Miss Congeniality: Germany’s Lena

Runner-up: Armenia’s Eva

Mr. Congeniality: UK’s Josh

Runner-up: France’s Jessy, Serbia’s Milan (<3)

Best dressed: Portugal/ Belarus – both evening wear, both beautiful.

Runners-up: Serbia, Denmark, Albania, Georgia, Armenia

Worst dressed: Ireland (for a seriously unflattering waistline/design) and Iceland (for a seriously unflattering effort irrelevant to the song genre)

Hottest he: Serbia (perfection and smarts…and talent…and sense of humour), Belgium (indie boy who could sing and play guitar to me 24/7…sigh)

Runners-up: Israel, Cyprus’ Jon, UK, Norway, France, Denmark’s N’evergreen – oh, how horrible it is having so many to choose from!

PS – Milan also has REALLY nice teeth!

Hottest she: Armenia, Germany

Runners-up: Georgia, Portugal, Denmark, Azerbaijan

Best prop/gimmick: Belarus (butterfly wings anyone?) and Romania (coz I just LOVE that piano!)

Runners-up: Serbia, Spain, Armenia, Denmark, Turkey

Biggest surprise on the scoreboard: Belgium (good surprise – I didn’t think such a simply orchestrated song would do so well, but I’m happy), Ireland (ESC royalty left to languish at the bottom end – say what now?)

Best use of wind machine: Denmark

Runner-up: Ukraine

Most expected position on the scoreboard: Germany, of course!

Runner-up: UK

The X Factor (for having that little extra ‘something’, or as Hera would say ‘je ne sais quoi’): Germany’s Lena

Runners-up: France’s Jessy, Spain’s Daniel

Honorary award for highlights: Eric Solbakken’s skit with the pizzas/microwave/costume change. Probably not as effective in the arena, but brilliant on TV!

Runner-up: Lena throwing the German flag over her head before her reprise.

Honorary awards for lowlights: I just wish we’d seen a little more of Norway, in the postcards, or maybe a video package.

Best stuff-up: The gatecrasher. Need I say more? Well, I’m going to anyway. Like most other people I wondered for the first few seconds whether the man in the red beanie was supposed to be there – after all, Daniel didn’t fault. But when the security came running out on stage, I got the feeling he wasn’t. Even though Spain got to perform again, I don’t think Dan needed to – what a pro. I bet they cut this out for the DVD release, but personally I think they should leave it in!

Runner-up: Slovenia’s spokesperson completely ruining her voting announcement – hilarious! Don’t remember that? Well that’s because it DIDN’T HAPPEN! I just felt the need to mention that no-one screwed up their presenting duties on Saturday night which must be some sort of record. Very odd.

That’s the cermony over folks. I hope you enjoyed it. Now grab your gift bags and make for the after-party!!!

About Jaz

I'm Jaz, I'm 27, and I'm 110% Eurovision OBSESSED. The contest is one big party and I like to keep it going 365 days a year - that's why I write about anything and everything ESC on my blog. Come join the fun, and I promise you'll never have a nul-point experience!

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