Aussies making a mockery

Last night on Channel 10’s 7pm Project, the panel mentioned this year’s final. It is news, after all, even though the media here basically ignore it most of the time. But, as is common for Australians, this was not a mention filled with praise, but a stab at what most people believe to be a kitschfest with no musical credibility at all. It opened with something along the lines of “In spite of this [the fact that host Charlie Pickering is a music fan] I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last night…’. They then proceeded to sarcastically refer to the final as three hours of ‘art’ and then make a laughing stock of the Belarussians and their butterfly wings. The 6pm news on Channel 9 had done a similar thing the night before.

I am sick of so many Australians making fun of the contest. All they’ve seen (if any) is maybe Bucks Fizz, or Verka Seduchka, and all they’ve heard is the camp, and suddenly they think they know everything about Eurovision and are certain that it’s a load of crap. I have a message for these people: maybe if you sat down and actually watched it for once, you would see that it’s an amazing celebration of world music! Yes, there is certainly some rubbish – but you know what? There’s always more brilliant songs. Better than most of the generic American stuff which is all we ever hear on radio in this country. And even if you still hated it, that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. Just don’t go around rubbishing it to us, the people who love and appreciate all it offers. We don’t tell you that the things you like are shit, even if that’s what we really think.

Well, there’s my mini-rant over. I say that because I could go on for pages and pages, but I think I voiced my opinion pretty clearly above. I’ll leave it with this: the ESC haters in Australia should take a look at the site, where there is currently an article about the ever-increasing Eurovision popularity here. There’s a very substantial and passionate army of us, and we are only too willing to defend our  beloved contest against the intolerant enemy…….

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