[…] Well I’m going offline now for the ESC week, in an act of almost total internet lockdown, so the next time I blog, Eurovision will have 56 winners (or 59, if you want to be picky). I do this because here in Australia, we have a full-on Eurovision weekend with the semis shown on Friday and Saturday, and the final on Sunday. With my dodgy broadband connection making watching the live (2am my time) feed SO not worth it, I spend the majority of this week every year avoiding Facebook, Twitter, eurovision.tv, my emails and the news like the plague. Wish me luck in not finding out the winner before seeing the show as I did in 2010 – a terrible day that you can read about here: https://eurovisionbyjaz.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/no-anaesthetic-for-the-wound-of-a-double-edged-sword… […]