Knock knock, who’s there???

I just realised that, in posting how correct (or not) I was in guessing this year’s finalists, I forgot to actually mention who the finalists turned out to be. Now, I know you would all have a 99.99% chance of already being familiar with these, but just for a quick reference I’ll jot them down in order of announcement:

Semi 1: Bosnia & Herzegovina/ Moldova/ Russia/ Greece/ Portugal/ Belarus/ Serbia/ Belgium/ Albania/ Iceland

Semi 2: Georgia/ Ukraine/ Turkey/ Israel/ Ireland/ Cyprus/ Azerbaijan/ Romania/ Armenia/ Denmark

I’ll be very interested to see the official scored order and who just missed out on qualifying, when it is safe for me to explore and Wikipedia etc etc without accidentally prematurely discovering le champion! I’ve calculated that the final finished at about 4.30am my time this morning, and I’ll know the result at about 11pm tonight – can’t wait! Even more so now that I have no idea who’s taken it out – I’ve heard rumours of Safura possibly running away with it, not quite in the way Alexander Rybak did though. But I kinda hope she doesn’t. In 2009 Rybak was the favourite. He won. And that this was going to happen was evident from less than a quarter way through the voting. In 2010 I want a surprise, as I’ve mentioned several times before!

So good luck to all countries, especially Cyprus, Serbia, Turkey and Germany, any of whom I’d be thrilled to have host ESC 2011!!!

I’ll be eagerly awaiting the final…..hmm, 1pm. 6.5 hours to go! =D

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