Headline grabbers

The European media go understandably nuts post-contest, when the results are in and they all want to be the first to get the scoop. I was thinking today about the songs that win…and lose, and the thrill that journalists must get when a song like ‘Fairytale’ or ‘Cry Baby’ shoot to opposite ends of the Eurovision spectrum, because of the endless possibilities of headlines they provide. I thought back over the last few years and realised that there have been so many of these, so why shouldn’t I go back even further and have a laugh at some of the pun-tastic headers that would have inevitably graced the pages of papers and news segments continent-wide and beyond. Here’s a selection:

Winner, 1964 – Gigliola Cinquetti – I’m Too Young

A possible example: Italy’s songstress not ‘too young’ to take the title

Loser, 1978 – Jahn Teigen – Mile After Mile

APE: Eurovision field miles ahead of Norway’s disaster

Winner, 1981 – Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up

APE: Europe makes their mind up and votes for the Poms

Loser, 1982 – Kojo – Bomb Extinction

APE: Finland’s Eurovision entry bombs in Harrogate

Loser, 1989 – Daniel – What No-one Else Sees

APE: No-one sees potential in Iceland as Eurovision sees another zero

Winner, 1991 – Carola – Captured by a Stormwind

APE: Viewers captured in Carola’s stormwind, vote Swedes to narrow triumph

Loser, 1999 – Lydia – I Don’t Want To Listen

APE: Spain doesn’t want to listen, and neither do we – Eurovision juries

Winner, 2001 – Tanel Padar & Dave Benton with 2XL – Everybody

APE: ‘Everybody’ gets into the groove of Estonia’s first contest win

Loser, 2005 – Gracia – Run and Hide

APE: Germans ‘run and hide’ after Eurovision shame

Winner, 2005 – Helena Paparizou – My Number One

APE: Greece Europe’s ‘number one’, in song and in voting

Any winner from the last three years

APE: Norway’s Eurovision sweep a true fairytale

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