Two for the show…that’s semi final two

Already, I’ve seen and heard the second semi, and as great as it was, I AM DEVASTATED!!!

Sweden and Croatia missed out, the former so beautiful and the latter one of my very favourites. I was 100% certain that Femminem would make it, and it’ll no doubt take me days to get over the fact that they didn’t! But nonetheless, the show must go on (quite literally) and here I go with my wrap up of Semi number two.

Highlights of the evening: Eric Solbakken. Period. He’s charmed me, as awkward as he is, ripping off his ties and swapping Stankovic’s fringe for InCulto’s fetching silver hotpants; Turkey’s performance was perfect, and I have a feeling that they lifted the roof on Telenor Arena to such an extent that it will be lucky if they can pull it back down in time for the final. Douze points pour Turkey! (or something like that); Norway embracing the bad songs with their interval montage in a true display of finding the silver lining; and Niamh Kavanagh returning to the stage – although, in my opinion, with a less impressive song than her 1993 winner. But that’s okay.

Lowlights of the evening: The hosts running through EXACTLY the same spiel for the whole 2+ hours as they did last semi. I mean would it have killed them to have a little variation in the program?; Croatia and Sweden missing out on spots in the final (as aforementioned). I am fuming; and me having to admit that the Netherlands’ old-fashioned ditty actually went down nicely as a carnival-themed stage show despite my previous stubborn insistence that it totally sucked.

Surprises: The sparkly pants. Need I say more?; Denmark being the last to make the final (though not necessarily score-wise) – we all know the producers of Eurovision try to keep the most desired pick ‘til last. Was Denmark really that country? I was certain at that point it would be Sweden (O, how can thou have rejected a teenager in Converse?); Ukraine making it with such a left-of-field effort.

Soooo, my awards, with a few extra that I felt were well deserved tonight:

–          Best stage show: Romania’s was pretty electric; Turkey.

–          Best vocals: Cyprus (I’m also in love with Jon, Eurovision’s Billy Elliot). Sieneke was charming too. So was Georgia’s Sofia!

–          Worst stage show: I can’t seem to pick this one, no matter how hard I try.

–          Worst vocals: Most were impressive. Safura was a little patchy, but she’s 17 and singing in a language she barely speaks, so she’s forgiven.

–          The package: Turkey, Bulgaria.

–          Miss Congeniality: Anna from Sweden & Mr. Congeniality(s): The Lithuanians of course!

–          Best dressed: Croatia, Georgia & worst dressed: Niamh – what was that? V. unflattering. You should have worn your flautist’s dress instead.

–          Hottest he: Israel, Jon from Cyprus (via Wales) & hottest she: Eva Rivas, Femminem.

–         Best prop/ gimmick: InCulto (a-gain), Romania’s wikkidly awesome piano (I want one!), Turkey’s robot pyrotechnics.

Gosh it goes fast! The big one’s tomorrow, and with Croatia out of the running (I cannot stress the injustice of this enough) I shall be rooting for Germany, Cyprus and Serbia with all my might. I’m hoping Azerbaijan doesn’t run away with it, as many are predicting they will. I want a fight for first place all the way to the end!

Speaking of predictions, let’s see how right…or wrong I was about the finalists from this semi. I guessed that Turkey, Georgia, Croatia, Ireland, Romania, Azerbaijan, Israel, Sweden, Armenia and Denmark would make the cut. That’s 8/10, one better than I guessed for SF1. I got 7 of the ones that I wanted. Not bad considering the strength of this round.

So I hope all of your countries do well in the final, even though I know that it isn’t possible for all of them to win! So how about a compromise: may no nation leave empty-handed. Nul nul points for twenty-ten!


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