All’s fair in love and war (and Eurovision juries!)

I have just discovered that Eurovision 2010 will be the birthplace of even MORE changes to the contest system, but this time I am as happy as Larry about it. As you probably know, this year the final decision was made by both televoters and national juries (50% each way) and it seemed to make a difference to the results for several countries (UK cough!). I am all about fairness, and with Eurovision’s increasing partisan voting occurences, I think the reintroduction of the jury was a brilliant idea. So I am pleased to announce that in 2010, not only the final will see the juries present…the semi finalists will also be determined by way of televoting/jury votes!!!

I’m sorry if this news was a bit of an anticlimax for you, but as I believe this could give the less ‘popular’ countries a chance at making the final, hence preventing them from becoming indignant at their failures and withdrawing, making Eurovision much less wonderful…hence it solving the problem of my last post, to me this is great news.

Counting the days ’til Oslo!!!

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