The more the merrier

As unreliable as it is, I often check Wikipedia for any new additions to the Eurovision 2010 article; who the hosts might be, where and when etc…but recently I have been growing apprehensive about the lack of nations coming forward to confirm their participation. In addition, there are multitudes that cannot seem to make their minds up (pardon the 1981 reference!) about whether or not to come at all. Currently sitting at 26, the number of confirmed countries at the moment is sufficient for the old days of one final – but not the three-day extravaganza that we now know and love! For example, I currently see that Austria, Monaco and Italy are still refusing to participate despite my ESP-like demands that they come back (seriously, what is Italy’s problem? They left on such a high note!), which is no real surprise. But to make matters worse, Luxembourg will NOT be there, the Czechs have already withdrawn and Estonia and Andorra are considering doing the same. If things continue like this ESC 2010 will be a very sad affair indeed. On a more positive note, I am happy to see that countries who failed miserably this year have got straight back up on the horse for another go – and why shouldn’t they? I’m talking to you, Finland/ Germany/ Malta! Plus Lichtenstein is set to make its debut which I am v. excited about, and San Marino are considering returning after money troubles forced them to miss out in 09. I know this has been a rather boring post, but look out soon for my exposé (ooh) on Eurovision’s most successful/ most enthusiastic competitors of the last decade! xx

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