Quickie – Oslo 2010 update

Just a brief post to update you on the latest Eurovision 2010 developments. Firstly, Armenia has confirmed its participation in the contest for next year, taking the current nation total to 21 – with any luck that will double by the end of the year!

The tiny nation of Lichtenstein has announced that it is interested in entering, and is as we speak filing for EBU membership. If all goes to plan, they will choose their contestant through a format similar to Germany’s version of the Idol series. I love it when new countries/principalities join the party, so my thoughts are: go on, let Lichtenstein join and make Eurovision bigger and better than ever for 2010 (with the withdrawal of the Czech Republic, we need all we can get).

That’s about all folks, although I have heard that some countries are already gearing up for their national finals, the earliest to be held late 2009. And some of their requirements are stringent – Azerbaijan, for instance, stipulates that singing, dancing, acting AND foreign language skills will be needed to successfully enter their final with a chance of winning, plus artists must submit a karaoke version of their song (a ballad and an up-tempo). Phew, they really want them to jump thru hoops. I’d do it for a chance to sing at ESC though!

With love and a little help from Wikipedia.

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