It’s not you, it’s me – but it should’ve been you

Now we all have our disagreements contest time, and none more so than in the years of the semi final. Every year I wish that I had the power to handpick all the finalists, but I don’t. Obviously. So I figure the next best thing is to pretend –  so if I COULD swap a finalist for one who missed out, what would I do?



I would swap: Macedonia (Tose Proeski ‘Life’) with Slovenia (Platin ‘Stay Forever), and Malta (Julie and Ludwig ‘On Again…Off Again) with Estonia (Neiokoso ‘Tii’).



Actually, I think they got it right this year. Having said that, the line between the great and the god-awful in 2005 was as clear as water.



I would swap: Lithuania (LT United ‘We Are The Winners’) with Poland (Ich Troje ‘Follow My Heart’)



I would swap: Macedonia (Karolina ‘Mojot Svet’) with Croatia (Dragonfly ‘Vjerujem U Ljubav)



In semi one, I would swap: Finland (Terasbetoni, ‘Missa Miehet Ratsastaa’) with San Marino (Miodio ‘Complice’)

In semi two, I would swap: Latvia (Pirates of the Sea ‘Wolves of the Sea’) with Bulgaria (Deep Zone & Balthazar ‘DJ Take Me Away’)



In semi one, I would swap: Nobody. Well done Europe! Maybe the fact that I had my YouTube friends voting on my behalf had something to do with it.

In semi two, I would swap: Lithuania (Sasha Son ‘Love’ – sorry!) with Serbia (Marko & Milaan ‘Cipela’ – I just LOVE that song)

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