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Time-Warp Tuesday | A milestone sealed with a kiss

Where: The Hague, the Netherlands

When: 1976

Who: Brotherhood of Man

What: Save All Your Kisses For Me

I’m not exactly dying to mention this because I feel like I’m on the verge of a mid-life crisis, but tomorrow I turn 21 (sorry for the short notice – large and expensive gifts are appreciated but not required). Amidst all of the freaking out and all the cries of ‘where have the years gone? WAAAAH!’ I decided it would be appropriate to focus this Time-Warp Tuesday on the song that triumphed the year Eurovision turned the big 2-1 – in terms of contests held, anyway.

The twenty-first edition was won for the third time by the UK. Brotherhood of Man arrived in the Netherlands with an extremely cutesy song and even cutesier choreography up their puffy sleeves. Having drawn the short straw to open the show (not the shortest straw in the packet, but one that makes it much more difficult to win) they needed as many ‘aww!’ factor votes as possible. Fortunately for them they got enough, meaning the weeks of Kurt Calleja-esque foot swiveling, head nodding and intensive rehearsing to get that killer last line just right had paid off.

Watching BOM’s performance a) nearly forty years later and b) as a member of Gen Y, it does come across pretty dated and unfashionable. But personally, I can’t resist the sweetness. Save Your Kisses For Me is more effective as a heart-melter than a blowtorch, and considerably less painful. What do you think?


A very bloggy birthday + my ultimate Eurovision party playlist!

Please, don’t start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, because it isn’t my birthday (I will let you know when that’s coming up so you have enough time to wrap up your big box of I Don’t Care). Actually, it’s my blog’s birthday – not that you had to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out via the title. Anyway, EBJ is now three years old, and I couldn’t let the occasion go by without at least mentioning it.

Shortly after Eurovision 2009, I decided to start blogging about the contest for some reason (it was something to do with one of my uni classes introducing me to WordPress, I think). There was a part of me that hoped I’d become an overnight sensation, and that Svante Stockselius would replace his ever-present right-hand woman with moi. Fast forward to 2012, and neither of those things have happened, but I know there are people who read what I write, and occasionally there are people who tell me that I make them laugh, and for me that’s just as good as if I’d been sitting next to Svante (or Jon Ola Sand, as he’s now known) in Baku wearing a headset and looking important. Plus, there have been some great things that have happened because of this blog, e.g. my being asked to write for other websites, and getting acquainted with all you ladies and gents out there who are year-round Eurofans and never get sick of discussing it. So I’ve decided that as long as I have you, EBJ will continue. Thanks for putting up with me, and here’s to the next three years of hilarity and frivolity and stuff!

Okay, that’s enough self-indulgent banter for today. Let’s move on to part II of this post, which (as also indicated by the title) is a list of my ultimate ESC party anthems. As we all know, Eurovision has a strong association with the light and fluffy. Over almost six decades, the contest has certainly produced an astonishing amount of fun-tastic music, which gives us a break from the moodier entries and the sometimes-boring ballads. I’ve narrowed them down to a personal top 20 of contest floorfillers – the songs that are guaranteed to get bums off seats. Check out my list, and let me know below what your favourite Eurovision party songs are!


Just A Little Bit by Gina G (United Kingdom 1996)

Satellite by Lena (Germany 2010)

Everybody by Tanel Padar & Dave Benton (Estonia 2001)

Miss Kiss Kiss Bang by Alex Swings Oscar Sings! (Germany 2009)

Vrag Naj Vzame by Rebeka Dremelj (Slovenia 2008)

Waterloo by ABBA (Sweden 1974)

Allez Ola Olé by Jessy Matador (France 2010)

Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz (United Kingdom 1981)

Always by AySel & Arash (Azerbaijan 2009)

Džuli by Daniel (Yugoslavia 1983)

Tornero by Mihai Traistariu (Romania 2006)

Zaleilah by Mandinga (Romania 2012)

Lipstick by Jedward (Ireland 2011)

Wild Dances by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)

Lose Control by Waldo’s People (Finland 2009)

Ovo Je Balkan by Milan Stanković (Serbia 2010)

Shady Lady by Ani Lorak (Ukraine 2008)

Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Seduchka (Ukraine 2007)


And, of course…Wir Geben ‘Ne Party by Mekado (Germany 1994) and Yom Huledet by Eden (Israel 1999) – providing it is a birthday party you’re attending.


COMING UP: It’s time for my first news roundup of the 2012/13 season. Will there be a Junior Eurovision this year? Does Malmö have a chance of hosting the ESC next May? And just how many rhetorical questions can I ask before it becomes annoying? Musings on all that, and more, are in your very near future…