Well hell, apparently as an EBJ reader I’ve been tagged to reply with my fave Mello songs!

2012: Euphoria, because even though I hadn’t yet heard of Melodifestivalen, I still remember Mark sending me the video, my jaw dropping and immediately thinking “it’s like a video clip filmed in realtime, that’s gonna win the whole thing”. If only I’d discovered Sportsbet then.

2013: Skyline (David Lindgren). I think it’s underrated, four years later I play it more than any song from that year, even though Heartbreak Hotel is what I wanted to win. Rockin’ The Ride (Army Of Lovers) for Andra Chansen, only because “I was born 7 million years ago in Sweden, Africa” is one of the greatest lyrics ever written. So many good songs that year.

2014: Undo, with Survivor for Andra Chansen. (Snap!) Ace Wilder can go to mean ukelele hell though.

2015: Heroes, which gets even more amazing the more I listen to it and especially once the lyrics made sense to me. Make Me La La La (Dinah Nah) for Andra Chansen tho.

Somehow I skipped 2016. But I’m watching in 2017, SVT Play and Chromecast FTW!