SUPER SATURDAY #4 | New entries, first impressions + A Dal, Melodi Grand Prix and Melfest!

Välkommen to the fourth and final Super Saturday of February!

There are a few more national final-filled weekends to come, but this is the last that we can honestly label as ‘Super’, ‘Frantic’, or in extreme cases, ‘So *Insert F-Bomb Here* busy, I can’t *Insert F-Bomb Here Also* handle it, so I’m off to live in an uninhabited cave in the Himalayas’. Enjoy!

Here’s what’s on the menu tonight. I hope you’re hungry.

  • Finland’s UMK – the final
  • Hungary’s A Dal – the final
  • Lithuania’s Eurovizijos – the eighth show
  • Moldova’s O Melodie Pentru Europa – the final
  • Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix – the final
  • Slovenia’s EMA – the final
  • Sweden’s Melodifestivalen – the fourth semi final

And, of course, there’s an after-dinner mint on Sunday, if you can squeeze it in:

  • Latvia’s Supernova – the final

As usual, I’m not certifiably insane enough to tackle talking about every NF taking place tonight, so I’m picking a few favourites to review and predict – specifically, Hungary, Norway, and *completely unnecessary drum roll* Sweden. If you’re keen to check out what I have to say re: their line-ups, and would like to know who I think will win/qualify, read on. If not, what are you even doing here? This is what goes down on EBJ. Would you like someone to drop by your house unexpectedly only to criticise the wallpaper and the cleanliness of your toilet?


But I digress. Let’s kick things off with some thoughts on the songs that have become Eurovision entries since last Saturday.


STOCKHOLM SHENANIGANS: The Class of 2016, plus five

Plus five featuring some damn good songs at that. Four of the following tracks triumphed at national finals held last weekend, and during the week just gone; one was revealed in the wake of the artist’s internal selection. I’ll let you figure out which is which, because it’s extremely obvious and you already know anyway and man, I need to get some sleep after this.

  • Alter Ego by Minus One (Cyprus) I probably wouldn’t have picked this as a G:son creation had I known squat about the identity of its songwriters. That’s not a good or bad thing. I mean, clearly, this is no Euphoria, but it’s not supposed to be – it’s supposed to be a Minus One song, and it does work in that way. However, although the chorus is catchy, I don’t know how far Alter Ego will carry Cyprus.
  • Ghost by Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (Germany) Jamie-Lee, who could have competed in JESC until recently (and currently dresses like she should) is taking her Voice of Germany winner’s single to Stockholm, and ich liebe es. I’d like her to ditch the K-pop costume for Eurovision since it doesn’t suit the song at all, but apart from that, she’s got a voice (THE voice, in fact) and song to grab Germany a result they won’t be ashamed of.

Jamie-Lee, ready for action in her ghost-busting gear.

  • Hear Them Calling by Greta Salóme (Iceland) In a plot twist that no one saw coming, the favourite to win Söngvakeppnin WON Söngvakeppnin. Pick those jaws up off the floor, people! I have three things to say about this: 1) The staging is boss, and no, it’s not a do-over of Heroes (‘inspiration’ is very different to ‘imitation’); 2) The song is quirky and folksy in a beautifully Icelandic way; and 3) Why did they have to ruin that beauty by switching to English?
  • 1944 by Jamala (Ukraine) I’m still receiving therapy due to the trauma I experienced watching the Ukrainian final, and part of the treatment involves my doctor telling me over and over again that JAMALA WON IT! Sure, I could have come to terms with The Hardkiss or NuAngels taking the ticket, but I’m thrilled that in the end (when it finally, mercifully came), the incredible Jamala and the emotion-heavy-yet-edgy 1944 were on top. Let’s hope nothing more than the title and a few lyrics – if anything – have to be altered to fit the EBU’s rules and regs.
  • You’re Not Alone by Joe & Jake (United Kingdom) If you follow me on Twitter (HINT HINT) you’ll already know how I felt about the UK final – the first held since 2010. If not, then I’ll recap in a more polite way by saying it wasn’t of the highest possible quality. Off to Eurovision is one of the two or three (at a push) songs that I didn’t despise, so that’s good news. What isn’t good news is it’s also a song that sounds like it should be in the background of something – a heartwarming movie montage or a compilation of teamwork-oriented Olympic moments. But I’ll give it time to grow. PS – Joe’s cute. Call me even though I just insulted your song?


What do you think of the latest songs to be selected? Is there a Eurovision winner among them? While you’re deciding, I’m going to leave the pre-existing entries behind and move on to the possible entries from Hungary, Norway, and our hosts Sweden.



HUNGARY: A Dal not dal at all as it reaches its conclusion


There’s no doubt about it: when you have an eight-song final, and only one of those eight songs is crap, that’s the dictionary definition of a brilliant show. Of course, that’s seven very good songs and one rubbish one in my opinion…but that’s the only one that matters to me.

Just kidding. I care what you think, person reading this! So how does this final look/sound to you?

  • Trouble In My Mind by Petruska
  • Győz a Jó by Gergő Olah
  • Who We Are by Kállay Saunders Band
  • Uncle Tom by Mushu
  • Why by André Vásáry
  • Pioneer by Freddie
  • Már Nem Szédülök by Parno Graszt
  • Seven Seas by Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth

Based on the impressive content of their recent NFs, Hungary has convinced me they’re on track to win Eurovision within the next five years. I don’t think we’re off to Budapest quite yet, but I think they’ll be back in the final for the fifth time running in May – and who knows how high a rung they could reach on the scoreboard then? If they want back on the left-hand side (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) here are my recommendations in the form of a personal top four:

  • Pioneer This is the kind of music Eurovision needs more of: gritty, powerful, meaningful pop-fusion performed by chiseled Hungarians who I sincerely hope are single. I realise that’s quite specific (and shallow) so let’s just make it an ESC requirement for Hungary on this occasion.
  • Győz a Jó Ethnic R & B feat. sand? That’s a surefire recipe for success, as I have now discovered thanks to Gergő. This song is far superior to his last A Dal entry in my mind, because it has it all. And any man who can pull off a bright red suit with ease deserves a round of applause.
  • Who We Are Never mind Ira Losco – it’s András who’s the true chameleon. This is his third appearance in A Dal, and once again, he’s visually and aurally unrecognisable. That man-bun is the stage equivalent of Clark Kent removing his spectacles. Together with his band (as they are so named) he’s delivering multi-faceted and very cool pop-rock straight to our door, and I’m keen on it.
  • Trouble In My Mind THIS IS SO CUTE. Cute in a grown-up, totally-ready-to-charm-Europe kind of way. That is all.

I’m pretty confident that one of the above four will win tonight. Petruska and Freddie won their respective semis, so it’s probably down to those two FTW – but a last-second surprise isn’t out of the question. There’s an outside chance for András Kállay Saunders, his band, and his practically non-existent singlet (not complaining) to win, and I can see Seven Seas sneaking into contention as well. This should be a final well worth watching, no matter the outcome.


The top is pointless, Andras. Just take the damn thing off *pulls out camera*.

So…are you going to make an official prediction, or not? Hold your horses! I’m getting there. I think the top four, determined by the in-studio jury, will be comprised of Petruska, Kallay Saunders Band, Freddie and Gergő (alternatively, Olivér/Andi could pop up instead of KS Band or Gergő). I think – and hope – we’ll see Freddie in Stockholm. But if Petruska pips him at the post, I won’t be mad. How could I feel any resentment whatsoever towards that precious bearded face?


Okay…I think now’s a good time to talk about something else. But if you have a less awkward tip/expectation for A Dal 2016, let me know below.



NORWAY: Melodi Grand Prix, Norsk Edition (but did Dansk do it better?)

Um, YES THEY DID. What happened, Norway? MGP 2015 was epic, even though it may not have produced an ESC winner. MGP 2016 is…well, I don’t want to say bad, but it’s definitely in that ballpark. We’ve actually got a reverse Hungary situation here – ten songs, and I’d only define three or four as being halfway decent. Hashtag harsh but true.


  1. Laika by The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan
  2. Into The Fire by Stage Dolls
  3. Traces by Stine Hole Ulla
  4. Stand Up by Makeda
  5. Anyway by Pegasus
  6. Feel Da Rush by Freddy Kalas
  7. Afterglow by Laila Samuels
  8. History by Elouiz
  9. Anna Lee by Suite 16
  10. Icebreaker by Agnete

Norway’s super final will also see four songs advance to a second round of voting, as per usual, so I’ll go ahead and single out my preferred super finalists (though to be honest, I’m finding it hard to care that much).

  • Afterglow Laila’s song is my hands-down favourite, because it isn’t any of these things: Bon Jovi-inspired; a cheesy, overly-theatrical operatic ballad; a cheesy, soppy mid-2000s ballad; or a poor tribute to Meghan Trainor (all of which appear elsewhere in the running order). Plus, it’s actually good in its own right. It’s a true Scandinavian ballad, and if she can nail her live vocal, it will be magical on stage.
  • Feel Da Rush The pleasure is all guilty. This is part Sean Banan, part Kygo, and though I know I should hate the sum of those parts…I just can’t.
  • Icebreaker I’m convinced that this is literally two different songs that were accidentally mixed in the studio, and Agnete was just like ‘Okay then.’ The complete change in genre and tempo from verse to chorus isn’t cohesive at all. And yet…Icebreaker has appeal. A little advice for the writers/producers: if it was a dance track through and through, I’d love it.
  • Anna Lee Stereotypical half-arsed boy band fodder appeals to the boy band fanatic – surprise, surprise! Suite 16 have a song up their perfectly-pressed sleeves that we’ve all heard before (about three times on One Direction’s debut album alone). Does that lack of originality bother me? Not that much. Not when they’re above most of their competition regardless.

And the winner will be…one of the following, as far as I can see: Afterglow or Anna Lee. Still, Norway isn’t a country to shy away from throwing a curveball (cue throwback to the pizza song making the super final last year and Karin Park missing out) so we can expect at least one ridiculous song – Laika or Feel Da Rush – to reach the final four, and potentially win (but probably come third). My guess for that four is Feel Da Rush, Afterglow, Anna Lee and Icebreaker, with Traces possibly slotting in instead of Feel Da Rush if Norway is in a serious mood. But I’m sticking with the ‘A’ songs when it comes to the winner. With fingers crossed.

Which song from MGP 2016 do you think could bring Norway the success I’m not sure they’re craving come May?



SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen’s fourth (semi) final showdown!

It’s hard to believe, but ja – we’ve arrived at the end of Melfest’s semi stage. We’ve become accustomed to the last semi featuring some big hitters and a possible winner of the whole thing, and 2016 is no exception.

  1. Runaways by Eclipse
  2. Rollercoaster by Dolly Style
  3. Du Tar Mig Tillbaks by Martin Stenmarck
  4. Killer Girl by Linda Bengtzing
  5. If I Were Sorry by Frans
  6. Håll Om Mig Hårt by Panetoz
  7. Youniverse by Molly Sandén

Dolly Style clearly didn’t get the dress code memo.

I wouldn’t say Deltävling 4 is as eyeball-bulgingly awesome as Deltävling 3 was, but…MOLLY! I’ve been waiting for this evening’s seventh song since we found out Youniverse would BE this evening’s seventh song. In case you weren’t aware, I am a massive Molly Sandén fan, and I’ve been basking in the ambience of her status as favourite alongside Ace Wilder for months. So, now that the almost-full versions of tonight’s competing songs have been released, how does she stack up? And, how do the other six artists stack up to her?

Take my ideal qualifiers as an answer to those questions.

My top four

  • Youniverse Sure, Molly could fart into her microphone for three minutes and I’d fawn all over it, but thankfully, this is a few million steps up from that. Another sllickly-produced, ethereal pop number in a string of the same from her, it should win semi 4 comfortably.
  • If I Were Sorry You don’t have to be sorry, Frans (not that he is). This is charming, Ed Sheeran-type easy listening at its almost-best. I’m not 100% sold on the repetition of the title, but I’ve already put a deposit on everything else.
  • Rollercoaster Against my better judgment, I enjoyed this. It’s not a carbon copy of Hello Hi, which is good – this is a little more grown up (OMG, Dolly Style has evolved!). It’s still sweet and fluffy though, like a stick of cotton candy. And FYI, I have no clue which one is the original group member either.
  • Håll Om Mig Hårt Panetoz can do no wrong. Their brand of infectiously happy tropical pop wins me over every time. Efter Solsken was better, but it left the boys with big shoes to fill, and they’ve made a good effort.

So, who’s going direkt? Molly and Frans. The former because, well, duh. The latter because it’s what my unreliable gut is telling me. Do not place a bet based on my tips, for heaven’s sake.

And who’s off to Andra Chansen? Dolly Style and Linda Bengtzing/Panetoz. I feel like there’s going to be a real fight for fifth place tonight, and though it pains me to say so (as I want them to go as far as possible) I do think Panetoz might struggle and lose out to Linda.


This is the last opportunity for two songs to go straight to the Friends Arena final in a fortnight. Am I right about which two it will be? Do you have a different take on this semi’s seven? Say so in the comments, my fellow Melfester.



Alright. That’s enough of my nonsensical, sleep-deprived rants about musical competitions for now. I’m off for my traditional pre-Melfest nap that hopefully won’t turn into a full night’s sleep resulting in me missing Melfest (oh, the horror!). Maybe I’ll see you on Twitter in a few hours’ time? If not, I’ll see you once we’ve added six more songs to the stack marked ‘Eurovision 2016’.


Happy NF Viewing!





15 Responses to “SUPER SATURDAY #4 | New entries, first impressions + A Dal, Melodi Grand Prix and Melfest!”

  1. Ali Nella Houd

    I’m lost. But you mention the little prince. Am I right in thinking the story might also involve a queen?

    Liked by 1 person

    • wschmidt1206

      Lost? Why?

      Again wrong, that story, same as ‘Le petit prince’, does not involve a queen. It was just about the little prince … and moi!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ali Nella Houd

    Well, I meant the Springfield where there is a balding, overweight, yellow man who says “D’oh!”.

    Would I be guessing right if I said the person your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ might follow is a ‘Messiah’, and that she might ‘Run’ after him??


    • wschmidt1206

      No, that actually was a wrong guess. That person was far away from being a ‘Messiah’ or anything like it (more like ‘le petit prince’ de Saint-Ex.). And ‘Alice’ has already given up running after him a long long time ago.
      But still, there are certain moments of memory in which her troubled heart misses him, and that probably will never change …

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ali Nella Houd

    BTW – Is it possible (in A Town Like Springfield, loin d’ici), that it’s actually:
    “d’oh! – l’imprudence”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • wschmidt1206

      “Springfield”??? “Loin d’ici”? What place should that be? 😉
      Anything seems possible, especially in fairytales, sometimes even ‘white rabbits’ (that have no time) cross the road. XD

      BTW, I like Dusty and Rick! Well, Dusty a bit more than Ricky, but they are (were) both fine artists. ;D

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ali Nella Houd

    Ok, so now who’s Alice (apart from the looking-glass character)? … ‘A Town Like Alice’? 🙂

    BTW, do you think it’s “dans l’imprudence” or “de l’imprudence”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • wschmidt1206

      Who’s Alice? Now that question you can only answer for yourself. 😉

      To me, in this case ‘Alice’ is Zoë, obviously! And the “Town Like Alice” is probably ‘dans un pays loin d’ici’ that only exists in our imagination, maybe you can find it “Somewhere over the rainbow”, who knows?!

      According to the original lyrics it’s “dans l’imprudence” which only fits to the song, but the other alternative would make sense too (depending on the perspective).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ali Nella Houd

        DAMI ARMY!! * *
        DAMI ARMY!! * *
        DAMI ARMY!! * *
        DAMI ARMY!! * *


  5. wschmidt1206

    Why did I know you would like “Shiny, shiny”, Ali?! I also like it because of my ‘memory lane’ of the good old 80’s. ;D

    So, you’re a Zoëlander now! Me too, me too! Yay (THE Eurovision word 2016 or an overrated Spanish entry?!)
    Moi, je la chante aussi … “loud in the car”… on the highway (or the country roads, it depends!). And I also love these lyrics. We’re so in sync here, can’t believe it! 😉

    I tell you what: Zoë’s ‘Debut’ album was the first one of an Eurovision artist I bought this year and it’s a great one, in my opinion!

    I also love this song very much (because of its very very true message):

    And this one, just for the fun of it (and beautiful Paris):

    And if you find enough time, you can shortly listen to some extracts of all songs of her album a.k.a. the snippet version:

    Enjoy Zoë and nice greets from the Land of Oz (or should I say ‘Alice’s Wonderland’?),

    Wolf 😉

    P.S. Leo’s the incredible actor who got an Academy Award for his brilliant performance in that breathtaking movie ‘The Revenant’ last Sunday/Monday, a.k.a. Leonardo DiCaprio! I bet that was on the Australian prime-time news as well XD.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ali Nella Houd

    So, Wolf – no views about the UK?
    A wedding? A funeral? … or a bris, perhaps? I certainly wish Darline had survived the cut, rather than the 2 Js. Lower right-hand side again, I fear.

    NMGP was quite a let down – In the end, I found my heart hungering for a Hungry Hearts victory, just for a bit of relief from all the formulaic fodder.
    It’s still early days, but I worry that Agnete may actually be vulnerable to a DNQ …

    (Feel free to throw these wayward musings back in my face when the JJs and Agnete make top 5 in the final.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • wschmidt1206

      Hej Ali,

      well, concerning the UK’s national final I was soo glad and relieved that Bianca did not win the ticket to Stockholm (in the same way I was relieved that Laura Pinski did not win the German national final in her ‘robbed’ dress and with her dated 90’s Siegel song).

      I agree, my pick for Eurovision would have been Darline too, my favourite of the 6! But then the JJ’s were my #2, so this choice went okay, IMO! I think their song is MUCH better than last year’s UK entry, and I guess they will do much better with it than ‘Electro Velvet’ did, at least I hope so! Somewhere in the middle, which would mean places 13 – 16, I would see as their highest result?!

      Imagine Karl William Lund would’ve been THE ONE to Eurovision! OMG! 🙂

      What striked me most about their national final this year was that the BBC always comes around with superlatives like “biggest song search ever”, “greatest authors and songwriters” with involving the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA), the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the UK OGAE fan club and the music director of RCA records, that you ask yourself: Wow, what an incredibly terrific bunch of songs we might get to choose from?

      But when you look at the outcome, you realize that it was all [a Shakespearean drama] “much ado about nothing”.
      But to let the UK public decide was a step back in the right direction, in my opinion!
      For me it wasn’t a ‘wedding’ or a ‘funeral’, but a ‘tea-time filler’ ;D!

      No wonder that the best song and performance of the night was: well, Måns Zelmerlöw! 😀

      BTW, did I read that right and you meant: Hungary Hearts victory, or is it just me wishing?! JK! ;-D

      Norway: let’s say NMGP was a ‘Funeral’ light ;)! They did not have a ‘Pioneer’ in the line-up, just an ‘Icebreaker’, which is very Swedish Scandipop-esque. If we get too many of these entries (and it looks like it), you will be right and some of them will drown in the floods of Scandinavian Euro dance pop, just like the “Amazing” Tanja in 2014.
      Well, I wasn’t too hungry for the Hungry Hearts, but I did “Feel Da Rush” instead, if just for the (guilty) pleasure of it!

      So, I guess I won’t have to throw back anything at you?! You are absolutely right, none of them, neither Agnete nor the JJ’s, have a realistic chance on this year’s top 5 or 10 on the scoreboard. We already have too many stronger songs than these two, my opinion!

      I will also have a closer look at the Romanian final this week, they have some very strong songs to compete. At least I like half of their finalists entries and my favourite is this one:

      I hope they won’t do a ‘Denmark’ on Sunday! Please don’t!

      Plus I expect Edyta Górniak and Donny Montell to return to Eurovision for Poland and Lithuania AND, of course, Delta Goodrem for Australia this week, which I would ‘Say Yay’ to. Some amazing songs should be coming up here!

      What do you think about Romania, Poland or the ‘neverending’ Lithuanian ‘story’?
      Who will be the Australian artist(s)? Any top 10 material, in your eyes (and ears)?

      Nice greets from very cold Germany and have a good week,

      Wolf 😉

      P.S. I rediscovered a “shiny” song that helps against our strong Eurovision ‘shine’ allergy, at least against mine. Try it out, maybe it cures yours too:

      Still love to do the dance craze to ‘John Wayne is big leggy’ XD!
      What did I say? OmG!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ali Nella Houd

        Shiny, shiny is finey, finey (and another nice trip down memory lane, thanks) … It’s just when ‘shine’ is used in a lyric as an intransitive verb that I … well, projectile vomit. Sorry, TMI.

        In terms of current top ten, I’d be the wrong person to ask at the moment, as I have turned into a completely blinkered and besotted Zoëlander, not so much because of dear Fräulein Straub herself – though she does a sterling job – but because of her chanson, which I have now swallowed hook, line and sinker, and find myself singing out loud in the car as I barrel along the freeway, “enivré dans l’imprudence …”

        BTW, who’s “Leo”?

        Liked by 1 person

  7. wschmidt1206

    Let me start off with this: yesterday I read on a German Eurovision website that Super Saturday #4 with 5 final entry decisions was compared with “Four Funerals and a Wedding”.
    XD Now which is which?

    Let’s deal shorty in one word with the ‘Wedding’, that is: FREDDIE!!! (Need I say more?)
    Hungary obviously has picked his ‘A-game’ with Freddie also belonging to my ‘A-Team’ for a future Eurovision win this year.

    And now to “The Funerals”:

    I wouldn’t put it that drastically as I only saw two ‘Funerals’ plus two of my favourites came through on Saturday:

    Norway: Agnete is no Margaret Berger, of course! But her song was the best in a rather weak line-up of the 10 final songs this year. I also had some (guilty) pleasure for Freddy Kalas. But ‘Icebreaker’ was the favourite with both, the bookies and the Eurovision fans, and Agnete had a run-away victory receiving almost 50% of the votes, all in all. I think her song is good enough to qualify, but then everything can happen, from top 10 to the middle field to almost last in the final, not easily predictable?!

    Moldova: I had no high expectations on the “O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016” final on Saturday. But after listening to all of the songs, I had one or two favourites that I liked this year. The one I loved most was “Falling Stars” by winner Lidia Isac, so I guess Moldova did everything right, although it’s ‘only’ Euro dance style that sounds similar to “LaLaLove” by Ivy Adamou (Cyprus, 2012). I think this has a chance to qualify thanks to public televoting, but will not do well with the juries, though. At the moment, I enjoy it pretty much! 😉

    Finland: the UMK final wasn’t on my list with anything being exciting or interesting enough to watch. I expected that one of the two favourites, Mikael or Saara, would win the ticket to Stockholm. But sometimes it happens differently to what you expect: in this case it was Sandhja surprisingly who took the win on Saturday, overruled and with lots of help from the Finnish juries. I think the song is not too good, not too bad, but somewhere in between. Probably a grower pour moi among the 2016 Eurovision entries?!

    Slovenia: this was THE absolute lowlight of Super Saturday #4 (so this deserves the term ‘Funeral’)! I actually thought that none of the songs in this final was really Eurovision-worthy. But if I’d had to pick something, I would’ve chosen the “Summer story” or “Tick Tock”, ahem I mean “Tip Top”, of course! But Slovenia made their choice between “Blue and red” and “Black and white” (very colourful final this year! :)). And now we have a “Blue and red” (costume revealed) trick dress from a ‘Shakira’ copycat in semi final 2 at Eurovision. Well, and that is where it ends for Slovenia in 2016. I don’t see a qualification this year, it is definitely a step back to last year, IMO!

    And finally: Melodifestivalen’s heat 4!

    As awaited Molly Sandén came with a great song and even greater live vocals and a perfect dance ensemble that looked awesome on stage. So she deserved the run-away win which leads her directly to Stockholm’s Friends arena. This sounds like winning song to me, and I hope she will make to Eurovision in about two weeks.

    The second direct qualifier Frans was pretty good too, but not that special enough, IMO! I think this will do quite good on the Swedish charts and radio, but I don’t think this would be the right choice for Eurovision. The cool performance of Frans has much attitude, but the song’s not strong enough to make it in Stockholm.

    Last remark: the loss of the amazing Martin Stenmarck, and the quali of Dolly Style to Andra Chansen both still hurt … MUCH! The latter even hurts in my ears too! 😉
    We’ll see how far they will get next Saturday?! A German proverb says: Life’s not a pony farm!!!

    Lovely greets from Germany on a not too bright ‘Manic Monday’,

    Wolf 🙂

    P.S. Leo’s got it! Yay Yay! No more joking!!!

    Liked by 1 person


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