“Europe-wide news of the week”? That’s fine, but it means you’ve left out the exciting news from one of those obscure, not-quite-in-Europe, participant countries, somewhere to the south east. Not Austria, but it’s something like that. Australvania?Australistan? My geography sucks. Anyway, apparently the production company from that Austrawhatevs country had a VERY NARROW window (5 days, ending at 5 pm on the Friday just past) for people to put forward songs and/or artists for their 2015 entry. One suspects the window was deliberately narrow so that the production company would have fewer entries to have to sift through: they nevertheless reported that there were ‘hundreds’ received. (And, through a miracle of seat-of-the-pants flying/composing, one of them — and a pretty good one, at that — was mine! Well, my lyrics at least. It’s such a buzz just to be part of it, even if the words ‘snowflake’ and ‘hell’ feature in my assessment of my sweet little ditty’s prospects.) No-one seems to know what process will apply from here, although the song/artist are due to be announced in “early March”, which is not far off. Also, there was the announcement from Dami Im that she “doesn’t know” who will represent the Australands in Vienna (in other words, she hasn’t been told she’s got the gig). The thot plickens … !