HAVE YOUR SAY: Vote, vote, vote for the winners of the 2014 EBJ Awards for Eurovision Excellence!

Never mind Golden Globe and Oscar time – we all know the best awards season is Eurovision awards season! When the contest (and most of the residual PED) is over, it’s time to reflect on the best and worst of everything, from the songs to the scoreboard shockers, the vocal performances to the vile outfits (and I’m actually not referring to Lithuania…I NEVER agree with the Barbara Dex) and everything in-between. Though more important and popular ESC sites have been staging awards ceremonies for weeks, the time for my own – known for three years as the EBJ Awards for Eurovision Excellence – is fast approaching, so iron the creases out of your tuxedoes and brush the lint off your evening gowns in preparation. If you don’t mind? I have a dress code, you know.

Before my star-studded ceremony can take place, however, there’s a little business to take care of. Namely, I need you guys to decide the winners of my super-awesome personalised trophies that were definitely not put together haphazardly in MS Word with Clipart. This year, the EBJ EEs will feature more awards in the categories of Artists, Songs, Costumes, Performances and Results than ever before, and I need more help than ever with choosing the winners. So, instead of having a sole People’s Choice Award for All-Rounder of the Year (which went to Norway’s Margaret Berger in 2013) I’m letting you decide six of the awards. Woohoo! There are many more that I’ll be deciding myself, of course, but just think yourself lucky that you don’t have to spend 48 straight hours going through an endless parade of polls.

So here today, I’m asking you to vote on these particular six which have been taken from each category. I’ve narrowed each list of nominees down to a small group, so if you’re really desperate to vote for someone who’s not included, leave me a comment saying so and I will count that as a vote. The results will be kept secret until the all the awards are revealed next week. Hashtag mysterious.

Without further ado, get ready to make your choices (and share the link to this post to get more people voting, if you’re feeling generous). Here are the People’s Choice Awards for the 2014 EBJ EEs!


The Artists

The friendliest, most charismatic guy on the ground in Copenhagen.


The woman you’d want to be your BFF.



The Songs

The most entertaining, amusing or attractive MV of the year.



The Performances

The act that ticked all the boxes – vocals, costume, staging and so on.



The Costumes

The most stylish artist/s to take to the stage.



The Results

The final placing that left you scratching your head.


There’s your six! I hope you chose wisely…JK, it doesn’t really matter. But hey, you could be giving a country that didn’t win anything on the night/s a prize of sorts after all, and that’s a big deal. Kind of.

ANYWAY, thanks for voting (and sharing, if you were up for that). Stay tuned for the revelation of the results as well as the revelation of all of the other award victors, when the EBJ EEs kicks off next week. Before that, I’ll be presenting you with my Top 10 Could’ves and Should’ves of 2014 – that is, the national finalists who, on reflection, should have been sent to Copenhagen instead, or who would have had similar success to those songs that were chosen. Putting that list together was no easy task, but I got by with a little help from a friend…

Until next time ↓

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6 Responses to “HAVE YOUR SAY: Vote, vote, vote for the winners of the 2014 EBJ Awards for Eurovision Excellence!”

  1. Zolan

    Most of the shock results seem understandable to me. I never thought Russia would suffer significantly. Estonia couldn’t translate the NF performance to the big stage. Greece suffered the fate of getting lots just outside the top ten instead of a few extra scoring positions.
    But Azerbaijan is odd because it’s the televote that evaded them across the board. I can accept that it wasn’t a vote-magnet, but what ever happened to their (AND Turkey’s) fabled diaspora? If the Azeri televote is any indication, they voted for Austria and Hungary (along with their friends UE, RU, and BY).

    All-rounder: Tricky, but I have to hand it to Ukraine. The performance/camerawork is a treasure trove of detailing and professionalism. Mariya and the whole creative team must really have put the hours in.

    Best Dressed? Hey, 70s sci-fi fantasy NEVER gets old 😀


    • Jaz

      Ukraine as a package deal was strong as usual…perhaps even more ‘interesting’ than usual, actually.

      70s sci-fi fantasy?? Whomever COULD you be referring to?? XD


  2. Nick P.

    JAZ WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE???? Messing up my uni enrollment, that’s what. 😛 Well, that and climbing out of PED’s dark pit of despair. It’s been so long. Anyway, I’m overjoyed to be able to vote here and whine about my picks!

    Friendliest Guy: Jöran Steinhauer of Aarzemnieki
    This guy found a phone and called people out of a Sammarinese phone book to get their support for his song. In Italian! Worldly, charming, and driven? That makes a winner for me.

    Friendliest Girl: Tijana Dapčević
    We’d both be absolutely insane together in our big thick-rimmed glasses (mine black, hers white). It could be like ebony and ivory for the eyes.

    Best Preview Video: Iceland
    No Estonia? Montenegro? Norway? Netherlands!? Grrrrr. 😛 Jk, I think I would’ve picked Iceland anyway. How can anyone dislike a video where the villain’s hammed evil laughter is silent and the text form of it fades into nothingness so quickly?

    All-Arounder: The Netherlands
    Since “song” isn’t part of the criteria, I’m tempted to vote Sweden for their brilliant effort on the night, but considering it is the Eurovision Song Contest, the Dutch get this one.

    Best Dressed: The Common Linnets
    Who stole from some anonymous girl’s Pinterest board to create this look? A damn genius, that’s who. Lovely everything.

    Most Shocking Result: Greece
    Because I thought, “Oh my god, they can win this.” right after their performance. I can actually understand and defend most of the others’ results but not Freaky Fortune & Riskykidd’s. 😐

    So aside from being a fun little moment, this also reminds me that I never finished my blog game and need to do so immediately! XD I’ll get around to it soon. Can’t wait to see the results! 🙂


    • Jaz

      What HAVE you been doing with your life, Nicholas??? Don’t you realise that Eurovision-related anything takes precedence over important life stuff? That’s why I’m replying to these comments right now instead of working on my uni assignment that’s due by midnight.

      I can tell you that a few of the results so far are in your favour, and others, not so much. But there’s still time for that to change! There’s a few ties I may have to take it upon myself to break.

      If Jöran was trying to get voting support, he must not have realised that San Marino uses a jury exclusively…awks. Unless he just really wanted to introduce the cake bakery of Latvia to any Sammarinese he could get into contact with.

      It would be worth you Photoshopping yourself into a pic with Tijana just to see the glasses united! I also wear black glasses for short-sightedness, so maybe I could be a little third wheel in the background?

      Sorry, had to narrow the videos down somehow! I left out Montenegro because it’s so easy for them just to film outside and automatically have a stunning video. Some countries outside of the Balkans aren’t so lucky! Iceland, France and Switzerland are probably my favourites of the year in terms of non-tourist campaign types. Apparently I enjoy a bit of man humour in my MVs.

      I too was a partial to the Dutch dress code. I want to steal Ilse’s whole outfit. And maybe Waylon’s hat for special occasions.

      Stay tuned for those results…:)


      • Nick P.

        It’s all sort of a blur, to be honest. But now I’m back to not sleeping and indulging and Eurovision related stuff. 🙂

        No, he missed that memo, but it was so lovely, I overlooked that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7V9r8FiFKs

        I’m so going to do that when I’m bored and don’t have anything else to do. Look out for the besieger of the bespectacled! (Props to my dictionary for making that sentence a reality).

        Honestly, I just found this video of Ilse choosing her dress. SO PRETTY.

        You bet I will! 🙂



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