Separated at birth, yet again: more Eurovision doppelgangers exposed!

We’ve all been watching Eurovision at some stage and thought to ourselves “if there isn’t an ad break soon, I’m going to need a change of pants.” But that’s another story for another post. This post is for all those times we’ve been watching and thought “wow, that person looks so much like Insert Celebrity Name Here!” Yes, it’s time for yet another installment of contest look-alikes to be uncovered. As always, some will have you seeing double whilst others will make you wonder about my eyesight…but that’s all part of the fun, right?


Can Bonomo (Turkey 2012) and American actor Vin Diesel


It’s not uncanny (and I did borrow/steal this idea from a forgotten source) but the resemblance between these two is there. Once you crop off Vin’s bulging muscles, anyway.


Christine Guldbrandsen (Norway 2006) and British actress Victoria Shalet


Take Christine and add a box or two of #103 Less-Than-Platinum Blonde hair colour, and you get Victoria.


Hanna Pakarinen (Finland 2007) and Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi


The professions, the bangs, the tendency to slap on eye make-up like there’s no tomorrow – these ladies were so separated at birth.


Ivi Adamou (Cyprus 2012) and American actress Liv Tyler


In case Ivi’s singing career peters out, she’ll always have a fallback career in being stunt double for Liv. She doesn’t mind being lifted/thrown around, if her stage show in Baku was any indication.


Litesound’s Jacopo Massa (Belarus 2012) and French DJ David Guetta


There’s nothing as majestic as having a head of product-filled, side-swept blonde locks…as Jacopo and David well know.  


Texas Lightning’s Jane Comerford (Germany 2006) and Australian newsreader Sandra Sully


Trust me. In twenty years, SS will be Jane’s twin, right down to the last eye wrinkle.


Manuel Ortega (Austria 2002) and co-host of Eurovision 2007, Finnish actor/singer Mikko Leppilampi


There’s nothing I love more than a double whammy ESC look-alike. Enter Manuel and Mikko, who remind me of those sets of brothers who look so similar, yet still contain an obviously better-looking one. CoughMikkocough.


Ott Lepland (Estonia 2012) and member of British boyband Take That, Gary Barlow


Considering Ott looks like a different (but equally attractive) person in every photo I’ve seen, it’s amazing that he could bear any resemblance to someone else. And yet, he kinda sorta almost does.


Feminnem’s Pamela Ramljak (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2005/Croatia 2010) and Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch


I’m sure Pamela isn’t as superhumanly perfect as the eldest Brady daughter (and I doubt she has an annoying, jealous sister called Jan) but she sure looks like her.


Pasha Parfeny (Moldova 2012) and Irish actor Colin Farrell


This one wins the award for Most Obvious Lookalike of 2012. I’m pretty sure these two went to the same salon to get their facial hair shaped (and ears pierced).


Soluna Samay’s backup muso (Denmark 2012) and Melodifestivalen semi-finalist Sean Banan


I was surprised to see that Sean had wormed his way into the ESC as part of the Danish delegation, until I realised that it wasn’t actually him. If it had been, I suspect the performance would have been much less child-friendly.


Urban Symphony’s Sandra Nurmsalu (Estonia 2009) and Australian actress Emily Browning


Here are two of those people with magic hair that always looks perfect. One day I hope to join their ranks when I have a posse of stylists at my beck and call 24/7.


Got any ESC look-alikes of your own to share?


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NEXT TIME: I’m bringing Time-Warp Tuesday back (unlike Justin Timberlake, who we can assume is still bringing sexy back) before the countdown of all countdowns kicks off. That is, the countdown of my top 50 Eurovision songs of all time!!!


11 Responses to “Separated at birth, yet again: more Eurovision doppelgangers exposed!”

  1. JTKCorporation

    Really spot on! Lol-ed at Ivi and Liv :D. I personally think that Lena Meyer- Landrut (in her Satellite days) looks like a hyperactive Eva Boto


  2. nprovenghi271

    This is a very fun idea. I think that Sandra Nurmsalu and Emily Browning could be joined by Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian who sings that annoyingly catchy song “Call Me Maybe.” Also, I think that Ivi and Liv look more alike than Pasha and Colin. To end with a bit of megalomania, I think that with my new haircut, I look a little like Kurt Calleja.


    • Jaz

      Jepsen?? Is it mainly the hair??
      I’m jealous that you even slightly resemble someone Eurovision-related! Maybe I should go to the hairdressers and ask for a ‘Kurt’. Although I suspect a ‘Loreen’ would be more flattering on me…


      • nprovenghi271

        It is! Although, if one based a list solely on that haircut, it would be a very lengthy list. When I saw her for the first time, she looked familiar and I couldn’t really place it…
        The resemblance would be stronger with Kurt and me if my hair wasn’t a dyed brown and my face wasn’t fat… Before my haircut, though, I sported the same Eastern European swoop that Dima Bilan, Jacopo Massa, Guetta and many others have done. The only drawback was that my annoyingly thick hair was VERY (and I mean it. I even capitalized it) hard to style and it looked silly when it grew out (and there also was a 25 percent chance that a random person would mistake me for a woman, but that’s another story.) My natural hair would look like, no lie, Marko from Serbia ’09. I never thought I could write so much on haircuts, especially Eurovision related ones…


        • Jaz

          Actually a list of Haircut Twins isn’t a bad idea!! I thought Senit and Stella Mwangi must have borrowed each other’s hair last year. And there are so many things that Rona Nishliu’s hair could be compared to…wicker baskets, beehives etc.
          As long as you never went for the Dima Bilan mullet of ’06, everything’s cool. If you did…I’m so sorry X]


      • nprovenghi271

        I didn’t (thankfully). Although, before the “Kurt,” I decided in a moment of impulse to cut my own hair and ended up with a pseudo-Bilan. When I went to get it fixed, the hairdresser literally told me “it looked like sh*t” and it really did.



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