Time-Warp Tuesday: Spinning worlds and missing pant legs

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

When: 2005

Who: Hungary

What: Forogj Világ by Nox

Hungary is yet to really get the hang of Eurovision, but since their debut in 1994, they have had their moments. This little cracker from the 50th anniversary contest definitely qualifies as one of those moments, even though it didn’t manage to place in the top 10 in the final.

Having miraculously sourced the ’05 DVD in my nearest music store after becoming an instant ESC-addict in 2006, I remember watching the semi and having Nox hit me full on in the face (obviously not literally, although I don’t doubt the lead singer could sock me one if she wanted to. She is fierce) with the kind of up-tempo ethno-pop usually reserved for the likes of Greece, as well as some killer choreography…so killer, in fact, that I made it my mission to learn it so I could join in/look like an idiot the next time I watched the performance. Six years and many carpet burns later, I may not have totally gotten the moves down (what? It’s hard!) but I still love the entry. The year after Ruslana showed the rest of Europe how Eurovision is done, it was great to see other countries like Hungary follow her lead, even if they did give or take a pant leg in the process.


5 Responses to “Time-Warp Tuesday: Spinning worlds and missing pant legs”

  1. Annika

    You can get eurovision dvds on your cd stores? I’m soooo jealous (I probably said that already, but my jealousy has no limits :P) but seriously I love love love love this entry! It’s without any doubts my favorite Hungarian entry, and one of the songs I still listen to a lot nowadays, and one of my top 50 favorite songs if I actually had a top 50 xD Everything about it is awesome! The lyrics, the music, the choreography..ok maybe the costumes weren’t exactly awesome but I forgive them because of the awesomness of the song, and I think I’ll stop here before I overuse the word awesome 😛


    • Jaz

      The DVDs are pretty much limited to the last one or two years, and most of the time they’re horrendously overpriced, so I wouldn’t be too jealous =P But it always excites me to see one over here. Sad but true.
      This song is boss. No doubt about it!! I don’t think the costumes were too bad in comparison to some of the others that year. I just don’t get asymmetrical pants! Sleeves, sure, but pants…


    • Jaz

      Aha, I just watched your top 20 video and noticed Nox in there!! It was a totally random choice for the Time-Warp I swear.


  2. Balkanheart

    ohhh. yees(: I forget this song and found it in May this year again. =D maan. still love it. daaancing everytime to it. & in my top play list. yiiha.



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