Düsseldorf in Rewind: My top 10 vocalists


Maja/ Slovenia

Apparently Slovenia is home to a lot of insanely talented teenage singers who just keep getting shipped off to Eurovision. In my opinion, Maja sang the pants off the 42-strong competition (it’s a good thing she wasn’t wearing any; that could have been embarrassing on live TV).



Raphael/ Italy

The last and longest note of Madness of Love can only be described as ‘epic’. As for the rest – well, when you can’t tell the difference between the live and studio versions, you’ve got to be impressed, and Raphael sure was impressive.



Nadine/ Austria

Christina Aguilera with an asymmetrical bob (except Nadine can remember her lyrics…and I can’t imagine her ever wearing leather pants with the bottom cut out).



Witloof Bay/ Belgium

Love the song or hate the song, you’ve got to give the group credit for their top-notch a cappella/beat boxing abilities. And the fact that they didn’t incorporate a rather tacky-looking robot into their stage presentation as their music-less predecessors decided to do.



Amaury/ France

His performance wasn’t quite as perfect as it was when Sognu debuted on French TV (apparently couldn’t find his earpiece through his hair, so when it fell out it stayed out) but it can’t be denied that Amaury’s got talent; as much, if not more so, than many opera singers thrice his age.



Mika/ Ukraine

It wasn’t enough for Mika to look like an angel and sing about one…she had to go and sing like one too, albeit one who’d choked on an m & m 30 seconds before showtime.



Aurela/ Albania

Ah, Aurela the Yeller. Albania sure loves its shouty singers. Still, there’s an obvious skill  in screaming so tunefully, and I guess the country appreciates that.



Nina/ Serbia

Yes, I did happen to notice Nina’s vocals amidst all the nauseating LED swirls. She’s another one who makes it hard to tell the difference between the live and studio.



Kati/ Hungary

Naturally The Wolfster (as I am referring to her from now on) has got commendable vocal chops, being the winner of Hungary’s X Factor.



Evelina/ Lithuania

C’est Ma Vie = one of my least favourite songs last year. But I reckon I would have disliked it even more without Evelina’s pitch perfection. The sign language gimmick didn’t hurt either.


EBJ extras: Here’s who just missed out…Poli from Bulgaria, Eldrine from Georgia and Musiqq from Latvia.


Who were your favourite singers of Eurovision 2011?


COMING UP: There are only two more Düsseldorf in Rewind posts remaining before I kick off my 2012 song reviews. I should probably get on to those…


4 Responses to “Düsseldorf in Rewind: My top 10 vocalists”

  1. Annika

    Best female vocalist: Maja for sure
    Best male vocalist: Loukas Giorkas. Amaury too, but he was kind of off tune during th final..
    Best group: Witloof Bay for sure, also Sjonni’s Friends I think
    Not a fan of Evelina’s voice…and I was so bored during her performance that I missed the sign language thing 😐
    If it wasn’t for you and this post I’d have never known there was a sign language gimmick thing going on..so, thank you, I guess xD


    • Jaz

      If I knew the sign language for “You’re welcome, I guess”, I’d be doing it now!
      Sjonni’s Friends make me so happy!! The kiss on the cheek especially. Cute overload.


  2. Lady Rosa de Vere

    Its no secret that my fave singer was Poli 🙂 it was so disappointing that song didnt get to the finals 😦
    as for your top 10 they are all high on my list in particular Austria and Italy.


    • Jaz

      When will Bulgaria catch a break?? I’d send them through this year, but somehow I don’t think it’ll actually happen…



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