Düsseldorf in Rewind: The Düsseldorf doppelgangers!

There are definitely some Eurovision entrants who have been tragically separated at birth from some other random famous person, and I reckon there’s some money in reuniting them (even without their knowledge). But today I’m putting aside my hunger to achieve world domination via the exploitation of vulnerable sequin-clad songstresses to bring you a simple, no-strings-attached exposé of the look-alikes who graced the ESC stage last year. That’s right, ladies and gents, the doppelgangers are back!

I have to admit, I’m scraping the barrel a bit with these ones. I did already expose a few secret siblings after last year’s contest, and I didn’t want to repeat myself this time. So, these ones are brand new, but not as convincing! Yay!

Please do me a favour and squint as you look at them, because that makes them appear uncannily similar…


Armenia’s Emmy and Australian actress Mary Coustas’ alter ego, Effie

I’m telling you; in about fifteen years Emmy will be Effie’s identical twin.


Azerbaijan’s Ell, kids TV character Noddy, and Australian comedian Charlie Pickering

Again, Ell may be the spit of Noddy at the moment – minus the lurid knitted clothing, of course – but in a few years he’ll be Charlie 2.0.


Belgium’s Witloof Bay and the cast of US TV series Mad Men

The latter probably would have done better at Eurovision, but apart from that…


Bulgaria’s Poli Genova and US actress Samaire Armstrong

They’re both women with short blonde hair. I dare you to tell me they couldn’t be related!


Croatia’s Daria Kinzer and French-Canadian singer Celine Dion

I wonder if Daria noticed her similarity to Celine and considered it a good omen, since Celine won the ESC in 1988, coincidentally dressed in an outfit just as hideous as those Daria chose for 2011.


Finland’s Paradise Oskar and UK singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran

If I wasn’t so skeptical about Oskar’s ability to grow facial hair I’d actually think they were the same person.


Moldova’s Zdob şi Zdub and this croquembouche (profiterole tower)

Thanks to Masterchef, I know now where ZsZ found the inspiration for those gravity-defying head decorations (probably knitted up by the grandmamma when she wasn’t busy beating her drumma).


The hair of Norway’s Stella Mwangi and the hair of San Marino’s Senit

I think Stella might have loaned hers to Senit when she didn’t qualify. If so, it may be a bad luck charm…


Ukraine’s Mika Newton and this slightly creepy porcelain doll

Yes, they’re both wearing wedding dresses, which helps, but I reckon Mika’s got the doll thing going on anyway.


What do you think? Did I miss any twenty-eleven twins?


COMING UP: Just when you thought I couldn’t cobble together any more posts about Düsseldorf…well, it turns out I can, because DIR Month ain’t over yet! Next time the spotlight falls on the most spine-tingling singers of last year’s contest (DISCLAIMER: This list will not include Stefan Raab).


10 Responses to “Düsseldorf in Rewind: The Düsseldorf doppelgangers!”

    • Jaz

      Mwahaha, I fooled someone after all with my crappy doubles!! Jokes. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I’m loving your reviews, by the way =]


  1. Annika

    you could never imagine how much I laughed at the Moldova comment xD My first reaction when I saw Daria was “gosh she looks totally like Celine Dion” and I can’t stand Celine Dion, so yeah 😛 and I agree with everything (lol @ Mika xD so true)


    • Jaz

      “My heart wiiiiillll goooo oooonnnnnn aaaaaand oooooooooooooooooooooon!!” not your cup of tea then?? Ahaha =]
      Good on Moldova for using their post-show snacks as headpieces, I say!



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