JESC challenge: #27- #30

Day 27: Best year

Almost there:





But the best was:

2009 – as long as we are talking musically, and not about the hosting/interval acts (the latter of which were mostly great, but dragged down by the horror of Ani Lorak’s terribly mimed performance). My personal favourite entries from Kyiv would be all but one or two, but so as not to bore you into sleeping and dribbling on your keyboard, here’s a selection: Sweden (Du), Russia (Malenkiy Prints), Armenia (Barcelona), the Netherlands (Click Clack), Ukraine (Tri Topoli, Tri Surmy), and Belgium (Zo Verliefd, which remains my #1 entry of all JESC time).


Day 28: Most underrated song ever

Almost there:

Mijn Ogen Zeggen Alles by Roel (Netherlands 2003)

Goed by Kimberly (Netherlands 2006)

Shut Up by Oliver (Belgium 2008) 

But THE most underrated is:

Anders by Trust (Belgium 2007)

Well, apparently I really don’t think the Belgians/Dutch get enough Junior credit, which seems odd as both Belgium and the Netherlands perform much better in JESC than ESC. Anyway, Anders has popped up a few times over the course of this challenge, and that is because I love it unconditionally. If ‘underrated’ means a song should have been so much higher on the scoreboard, then this is the very definition of the word. Yes, you can argue that it was too adult to appeal to Europe’s young folk, blah blah…but I’ll still think 15th place was a travesty. Especially in light of the fact that Malta finished 12th with a song that makes me want to do a Van Gogh on both of my ears just so I don’t have to be subjected to the torture of hearing it.


Day 29: The song that should have won

Junior Swing by Daniel Testa (Malta 2008)

What do you mean, how dare I assert that a brace-and-trilby-wearing entertainment machine should have beaten a trio of buzzing brats in bug costumes? I would have thought it was quite obvious! (PS – I don’t condone my labeling of Bzibeki as brats, but it made for such lovely alliteration I couldn’t write anything else).


Day 30: The song that will win this year

Sorry! You’ll have to wait until the end of the week for my Prediction Special to find this one out…


Phew! That’s my second song challenge of 2011 done and dusted, and in good time too, because next week is Junior Eurovision week! It’s my second favourite seven days of the year, and there’s some serious non-challenge JESC business to take care of during. I also may have to spend a large portion of the week sleeping in preparation for getting up at 2.30am to watch the contest – but that’s another story.


Jaz x


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