EBJ’s top 10…JESC songs of all time

Welcome to a 100% frill-free post*. One list, ten songs, absolutely no justifications. Let’s go!

* Technically, if you count my decision to count this top 10 down backwards, there is one measly flourish. Don’t pretend you don’t love suspense.

#10. Prati Mi SMS by Bobi Andonov (FYR Macedonia 2008)

#9. Povestea Mea by New Star Music (Romania 2006)

#8. Arabiens Drøm by Anne Gadegaard (Denmark 2003)

#7. Det Finaste Någon Kan Få by Molly Sandén (Sweden 2006)

#6. Du by Mimmi Sandén (Sweden 2009)

#5. Učimo Strane Jezike by Neustrašivi Učitelji Stranih Jezika (Serbia 2006)

#4. Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav by Dino Jelusić (Croatia 2003)

#3. Pigen Er Min by Cool Kids (Denmark 2004)

#2. My Song For the World by Tom Morley (United Kingdom 2003)


And my numero uno favourite is (drum roll…or perhaps an anticipatory yodel?):

#1. Zo Verliefd (Yodelo) by Laura (Belgium 2009)


I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. What are your favourite Junior entries?


3 Responses to “EBJ’s top 10…JESC songs of all time”

  1. lukmanandiuleng

    #1 Spain 2005 – Te traigo flores
    #2 Spain 2006 – Te doy mi voz
    #3 Bulgaria 2011 – Supergeroy
    #4 Serbia & Montenegro 2005 – Ljubav pa fudbal
    #5 Macedonia (FYR) 2010 – Eooo, eooo
    #6 Macedonia (FYR) 2008 – Prati me SMS
    #7 Ukraine 2009 – Try topoly, tri surmy
    #8 Macedonia (FYR) 2005 – Rodendeski baknež
    #9 Macedonia (FYR) 2003 – Ti ne me poznavas
    #10 Cyprus 2009 – Thalassa, ilios, aeras, fotia

    Here’s mine! A huge fan of Spain in ESC, as well as Macedonia (FYR)!


    • Jaz

      I definitely had some country repetition going on as well!
      Spain and Macedonia seem to do so much better in JESC than ESC. Prati Mi SMS is AMAZING (though I am a bit biased since Bobi is Australian!) though I have to say that your #10 is one of my least favourites…
      PS – Supergeroy made your list! Yay =D



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