JESC challenge: #22 – #26

Day 22: Best lyrics

My Song for the World by Tom Morley (UK 2003)

“…if I became a star, I’d try so hard to move this world with my heart. Singing songs of hope and peace so people know it can be achieved…”

Corny? Yes. Do I care? No; I just get all teary and patriotic…even though I’m not British.  

Anders by Trust (Belgium 2007)

“…mama, do I have a heart, mama? Look at me standing here, mama, what did I do wrong, mama? Is this what I deserve? Am I bad? I feel pain, mama. I’m not made of stone…”

This is probably my favourite JESC song to repeat ‘mama’ an infinite number of times. My favourite of all time is by the Spice Girls, but that’s irrelevant.


Day 23: Favourite non-JESC song by JESC artist

Malena/ Prošao Sam Sve by Dino Jelusić

I have to admit, I had trouble with this one, because I generally spend more time delving into the back catalogues of big ESC artists than the little ones. Luckily Dino saved me, thanks to what I like to call the ‘Eric Saade’ effect: insanely attractive male singer has me listening to anything they produce whether I like it or not because I am shallow and I can’t help myself. Having said that (and having also exposed one of my many pathetic tendencies) I genuinely do like these songs (and most of Eric’s as well), especially the latter and the story behind it.


Day 24: Best group song

A Day Without War (2010)

Good old Princess Diana! Er, I mean Dima Koldun. Potayto potarto. His collaboration with the 14 participants of 2010 (the backing dancers missed out) for this song remains one of my favourite bits of Minsk.


Day 25: Favourite JESC country

Almost there:





But my favourite is:

Serbia. I’m aware that they are currently M.I.A from JESC (see below), but thanks to such musical amazingness as Učimo Strane Jezike (2006), Piši Mi (2007), Uvek Kad u Nebo Pogledam (2008) and Čarobna Noč (2010), I can’t choose any other for my favourite.


Day 26: Withdrawing country you miss most

Almost there:



San Marino (because we had hardly been acquainted when we parted. Sob!)

But my most missed is:

Serbia, as hinted above. Naturally I’m going to miss my favourite participating country! I’m just grateful the withdrawing didn’t extend to big Eurovision as well, both because I love Serbia in that too, and because all my Christmases have come at once with the announcement of Zeljko Joksimovic’s representation, something that would never have happened had they opted out of Baku. Obviously. Please come back to Junior next year, la Serbie.


COMING UP: The finale of the epic JESC challenge; another Time-Warp Tuesday; my top 10 Junior songs of all time; aaaaannnnnddd (insert drum roll here) my all-important prediction special for the rapidly approaching 9th edition! You don’t want to miss any of it. Well, I hope you don’t.


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