Eurovision Challenge: Day 16

The song that never fails to make you dance

Almost there:

Džuli by Daniel (Yugoslavia 1983)

Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz (UK 1981)

Dime by Beth (Spain 2003)

1 Life by Xandee (Belgium 2004)

Always by AySel & Arash (Azerbaijan 2009)

Ovo Je Balkan by Milan Stanković (Serbia 2010)

Haba Haba by Stella Mwangi (Norway 2011)


But the one that ALWAYS gets me dancing is:

Allez Ola Olé by Jessy Matador (France 2010)

It has to be said that Mr. Matador did plenty more dancing than singing in Oslo, but who cares???? This song is great fun and every time it comes on I feel compelled to shake my booty. Which is why I make sure I don’t shuffle my music in a public place. Tout le monde dance now!


About Jaz

I'm Jaz, I'm 27, and I'm 110% Eurovision OBSESSED. The contest is one big party and I like to keep it going 365 days a year - that's why I write about anything and everything ESC on my blog. Come join the fun, and I promise you'll never have a nul-point experience!

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