Eurovision Challenge: Day 17

A song from your birth year

Brazil by Bebi Doll (Yugoslavia 1991)

One point? ONE POINT? I don’t think so, Europe!

This deserves at least two.

Okay, so maybe a little more in my book. I love this drag-show-esque (no offence) cha-cha-tastic slice of cheesy pop from Yugoslavia. Just like I adored the maraca-shaking drag-show from Melodifestivalen this year. Apparently when it comes to music I have a type.

May I also point out that it’s coincidental Day 17 of the challenge should be today because it’s my birthday tomorrow (yes, happy birthday to me and all that!). Technically, being born in September, my first Eurovision was 1992.

May I ALSO point out that I could easily have picked Carola’s winner for this as I have a soft spot for it (read ‘soft spot’ as ‘undying love’), but decided to be a little less obvious.

May I ALSO ALSo ALso Also also……also point out that Armenia’s Junior Eurovision entry was selected last night and it’s another good one! Welcome to Armenia is sung by Dalita and it’s further melodic proof that Armenia and Eurovision go together like Lithuania and sequinned hotpants. Excepting, of course, when they sing about boxing.


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