Eurovision Challenge: Day 15

The best costume

Almost there:

Linda Wagenmakers (No Goodbyes, Netherlands 2000 – a circus tent and shredded silver)

Ruslana (Wild Dances, Ukraine 2004 – Xena, Warrior Princess for the 2000s)

Tina Karol (Show Me Your Love, Ukraine 2006 – mainly for the boots and backup dancers!)

Gisela (Casanova, Andorra 2008 – weird but wonderful…and possibly painful)

Alyosha (Sweet People, Ukraine 2010 – also weird, in a fantastically post-apocalyptic way)


But the best costume is:

Marija Šerifović (Molitva, Serbia 2007)

(Of all the posts for my picture uploader to not work for! If you need a refresher on Serbia’s winning costumes, check them out here:

Unlike men in dresses, which doesn’t seem to work out too well at Eurovision (take note, Slovenia) ladies in suits can be a winner…literally. I think this is a rare case of a costume that is memorable without being hideous. Classy but unique.

Bonus points for working the spectacles, Marija!


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