EXPOSED: the Eurovision doppelgangers!

Today I’ve got a more visual post for you…are you excited?? You should be! But before the excitement begins, I want to fill you in on the results of the Big 5 poll I ran last week. I happened to be right about the country that topped the poll, but the order of the others surprised me, I can tell you. So who was your favourite Fiver?

1. UK – 45%

2. GERMANY – 25%

3. SPAIN – 15%

4. ITALY – 10%

5. FRANCE – 5%

Thanks to everyone who voted, and to anyone who hasn’t, feel free to have your say now. You can find the poll in my previous post =)

So, onto the expose promised in the title! The deal is this: between Jedward, TWiiNs, and a sudden fascination with crossing my eyes, I’ve been seeing double a lot lately. So in honor of terrific twosomes, I’ve compiled a small collection of Eurovision doppelgangers for your viewing pleasure. I’m thinking of doing one of these every now and then, so let me know if you liked it!

Let’s start with an obvious one:

Koldun (Belarus 2007) and Princess Diana

Corinne Hermes (Luxembourg 1983) and a 1980s Meg Ryan

Jon Lilygreen (Cyprus 2010) and member of The Colors (Swiss preselection 2011)

Jane Bogaert (Switzerland 2000) and Heather Graham

Julie (Malta 2004) and Mariah Carey

Ines (Estonia 2000) and Marie N (Latvia 2002)

Some further thoughts:
Does anyone see some eerie similarities between Denmark’s 2000 winner, and Ireland’s not-so-successful entry from 2003? What about Lidia Kopania’s I Don’t Wanna Leave and Sopho’s Shine? Curious…
Comment me with any visual/aural doppelgangers you’ve seen/heard at Eurovision. I’d love to hear them!

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